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Hex: Shards of Fate – A Trading Card Game of the Highest Order

Trading Card MMORPG – Do normal trading card games bore you? Seen and played everything there is from this genre? Well, not anymore! In the free-to-play TCG MMORPG Hex delivers an unusual combination of two genres. Does this sound all a bit too much to you? Don’t judge too quickly! Read our test review to find out more for yourself…

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Game Description

In the free-to-play TCG MMORPG Hex, it’s not just exciting card duels on offer. Thanks to the unique combination between card game and MMORPG, Hex delivers a perfect mix of excitement, entertainment and fun. We have listed the top in-game features below:

Two become One

Hex is the first TCG + MMORPG on the market. You can expect to see typical MMORPG features like exciting dungeons and raids, as well as several unlockable skills and levels for your character. Guilds and Alliances can also be formed so that you can force your enemies to their knees together with your allies. Hex, however, takes things a step further and reinforces these features with an extensive trading card game. You enter the completely new world of Entrath, where two alliances are facing off against each other. These consist of those living on the surface world and the dark alliance of the underworld. In total there are 8 different races. These include those on the surface such as Humans, Elves, Coyotle and Orcs. The dark alliance of the underworld are represented by the Necrotics, Gnomes, Vennen (a cross between orcs and spiders) and the Shin’Hare (battle bunnies!).

Burden of Choice

At the beginning of the game, you need to select your first deck from a total of 4 different start packs with a total of 60 cards. You’ll be able to choose from the Gnomes, famous for their patience and defensive stats, the teamwork orientated Humans, Orcs, who are able to run over everything and everyone thanks to their fast and offensive units and, last but not least, the Shin’Hare, who are able to send countless units into the fray without worrying aboutsuffering losses. In every deck, you’ll need to choose one of over 20 uniquely skilled and different champions. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to collect 360 special cards for your collection, which along with the special cards gained from tournaments, booster packs and the Auction House, can help pad your deck out. It is, therefore, particularly useful to organise your cards intelligentlyto help keep an overview of your collection.

Expanding Your Deck

Altogether there are5 different card types in Hex. The Troop Cards attack and defend the player’s health points. The Quick Action Cards can be played one time only, while the Constant Cards are effective throughout the entire duel. Artifact Cards can be used to equip your own champion and have their own special abilities. Last but not least, there are the Resource Cards. In total, there are 5 different resources: Blood, Ruby, Wild, Diamond and Sapphire. Resources are incredibly important! As soon as you’ve spent enough time collecting cards, you’ll start having access to the most powerful of cards. A special feature of Hex is that every card earn experience points and these can be used to gain additional abilities. In addition, you’ll also be able to upgrade the speed, defense or attack values of cards with different gemstones.

Not Just for the Veterans

By entering tournaments, fighting other players or computer-generated opponents, you’ll gain access to special cards. You start each duel with 20 health points. Your goal is to lower your opponent’s health to zero. At the beginning of the duel, both players draw 7 cards. If you’re not happy with what you’ve been dealt, you’ll have the option of discarding your hand and starting again, only this time you can only draw 6 cards. The duel is then separated into 8 different phases. In each round you’ll be able to use different resources and the champion of each deck can charge up their special abilities. The developer of Hex have placed particularly emphasis on making sure the cards are well balanced and that the game can be picked up quickly. Different shortcuts make the controls a lot easier than you would expect. Hex has also been developed with incredibly good-looking graphics with detailed 3D animations, all wrapped up in a lovingly-designed game environment.

Special Features

  • Perfect Combination – Hex provides a unique mix of exciting role-play and action-packed card duels
  • Pack Rats – Collect more than 360 epic cards, 20 unique champions and countless expansions and upgrades
  • Simple Start –Thanks to the intuitive gameplay, the simplified shortcuts and the card manager, you’ll always have a good overview of your card collection
  • Visually Impressive – Hex has developed visually detailed and fluid 3D graphics in a lovingly-crafted fantasy world and a fitting soundtrack
  • Boredom Not Allowed –Countless quests, dungeons, raids as well as a massive campaign make sure that boredom is a thing of the past.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play TCG MMORPG Hex combines the best of both the MMORPG and Trading Card Game worlds. The card game element has been developed in a complex way while the countless tasks, dungeons, raids and campaigns make sure that you’re never left bored. Thanks to the simple and intuitive controls the game can be appreciated by both veterans and newcomers to the genre. The visuals and sound effects add a lot to the overall feel of the game and create a unique experience. If you’re a fan of either MMORPGs or TCGs, then you’re bound to love this game.

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