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Hero Zero – Laughter Guaranteed

Hero Browser RPG – You know how it goes.Those heroes of our childhood constantly having to save the world from super villains, natural catastrophes and creatures created by some mad scientist. But what would Peter Parker have been like without the spider bite, what would Batman have been like without all his money and what would Superman have been like without his alien genetics? You got it! Completely normal guys dressed up in weird outfits. In the free-to-play browser game ‘Hero Zero’ you start off as a wannabe hero, bit by bit making your way up the hero career ladder eventually becoming a true superhero. All this is done in a truly comic book fashion. Read on to find out what kind of hilarious features you can expect to experience.

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Game Description

The primary idea of the game is to train up your own personal superhero from a zero to a hero in order to fight off the complete league table of evil forces. The game has been developed very simply so that you can dive into the action from the very beginning. You’ll also receive additional support from a number of very useful features.

Hundreds of possible variations

You really have the burden of choice in Hero Zero with hundreds of different possibilities available to make your character unique. Whether you’re unhappy with the nose, curly hair or eyebrows, there are no limits in regards to changing your character’s appearance. During the game you’ll also have the chance to fine-tune your character by adding costumes and equipment, eventually creating an absolutely unique hero.

No Pain, No Gain…

How do you go about changing a scrawny tarzan to a muscleman? Training, of course! By visiting the gym, you’ll gain the necessary experience to level up your skills. On top of this, you are able to complete countless missions across 10 different worlds to earn yourself some pocket money to survive and if you have any left over, you can even purchase some epic equipment. But what would it be like to fight with other heroes?


In ‘Hero Zero’, you have the possibility to join a team. By fighting alongside other players, you’ll have the chance to go hunting for trophies, gain team honour and fill up your wallets. You can even spend your well earned money to build your own headquarters, which will grant you different bonuses making collecting experience points and money that bit easier. An extensive chat system makes communication between players and saving the world a piece of cake. You even have the chance to gainanimal companions later on in the game, which will give you an extra edge in battle.

Style and Humour

The amusing graphics and names are particularly noteworthy. ‘Hero Zero’ doesn’t take itself too seriously and puts a lot of effort intomaking you laugh as much as possible. Just picture an anti-hero dressed up in a bathrobe using a hairdryer as a weapon on the hunt for criminals. Such tongue-in-cheek creativity really made this game a joy to play. You start the game as the ‘Fool of the Neighbourhood,’ but can soon work your way up during your ‘apprenticeship’ to ‘Superhero Apprentice,’ until you’ve become a ‘True Superhero! With Cape!’ Even your weapon arsenal will develop throughout the game from the ‘Hairdryer of Careful Blowing’ to ‘Vanion’s Golden Toilet Brush of Destruction.’

Special Features

  • Hilarity on a High Level: Amusing comic book graphics and funny item and ability names really made us laugh throughout
  • Unique Characters: Countless different possibilities to create your own individual hero
  • Large Game World: 10 different areas with different tasks and opponents are yours to discover
  • Longterm Playability: Numerous main and side quests in the different regions and a level cap of 400
  • Customisable Skills: Level up individual and unique skill combinations by training up your hero


The Bottom Line

Hero Zero is a free-to-play online roleplaying game which will really make you laugh with its unique humour. The simple game premise makes it easy for you to dive into the story. The customisable heroes as well as the numerous missions also make sure that this game doesn’t just offer something for everyone, but will also keep boredom at bay. If you’re looking to have fun, then you’ve absolutely found the right game.

Photo of Hero Zero

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