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Hero Commander – Forge your Empire

Strategy MMO – What would happen if you mixed castle building, real time strategy and classic MMO components, like character progression, within a single game? Well, if you were to add another dozen of features and a few pinches of cuteness, you would most definitely get Hero Commander. GT Arcades most recent free-to-play title seems to offer tons of features, but do they really add up to something bigger?

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Game Concept

The game concept in Hero Commander is basically divided into two significant parts. The first one is found at your settlement. As a local lord you have to maintain and manage the resources of your castle and provide food and coin for your army and mercenaries. By improving the structures within your castle, you improve the weaponry and overall strength of your army. The other essential element is found on the battlefield. Adding unique and powerful heroes to your army, as well as changing your army’s formation, are just some of the multiple features that you need to master if you want to dominate the battlegrounds in Hero Commander.

Fortify your Castle, Fortify your Economy:

The backbone of any army is a strong economy that provides the resources which are needed to hire and supply your troops. In Hero Commander, the major part of your income is generated within your city walls. By upgrading the housing of your citizens you make sure that there is always enough gold and grain to hire fresh troops or to buy additional weaponry for your army. No matter if you are just visiting the local blacksmith in order to buy unique items for your heroes or if you have come to collect silver and grain – you should always make sure that your city is in good condition and generates a steady amount of income.

Heroes on the Battlefield:

Aside from the resource management component, Hero Commander delivers an extensive combat system. Essential parts of each encounter are the strength of your army, its formation and the heroes that have been assigned to fight within your ranks. Hero Commander has several dozens of heroes that you will unlock within an epic single player campaign or by completing specific task on the battlefields. Each hero comes with a unique ability, like the Lucent Maiden, who can freeze entire armies within her freezing field. Therefore some heroes do better amongst your archers while others provide way stronger benefits for your cavalry. It is up to you to recognise the individual strengths and weaknesses of each hero and maximize their impact on the battlefield.

Tons of Content and Extra Features:

For eager and competitive players, Hero Commander provides another set of interesting features. Aside from the classic arena and PvP mode, you are introduced to the battlefield maps. Battlefield maps are huge areas on which several players fight for specific objectives in epic PvE or PvP battles. Securing these objectives, results in massive rewards and high end gear that you will need in order to further improve your armies and heroes. And if you prefer to do some sort of dungeon with a party of friends, then that’s also a valid option to acquire decent stuff. At any rate – you will notice within no time, that there is always something to discover and that is definitely a strong aspect of Hero Commander.

Special Features

  • Free to play MMO: Hero Commander is completely free-to-play and no download is required
  • Castle building and economy management: Create a powerful economy within your city walls and hire only the finest of warriors for your army
  • Heroes on the battlefield: Unique heroes can join your army and lay waste to the enemy ranks
  • Tons of additional content: Arena, PvP, Battlefield-maps, Dungeons and more are waiting for you in Hero Commander


The Bottom Line

Hero Commander is a game that tries to throw everything into the mix. Resource management, real time strategy and even almost every other feature of classic MMO titles. You would actually expect that this shouldn’t go too well or that the game is collection of rubbish features but thankfully it isn’t. Hero Commander manages to blend it all together without ruining the concept. One of the reasons why it works out is the clear line that has been drawn between the distinctive elements and lengthy tutorial, which does a great job at introducing you to all the features that unlock bit by bit as you progress through the game.

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