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Goblin Keeper – Build your own Dungeon!

Dungeon Browser Game – The free-to-play strategy browser game Goblin Keeper, developed by Gameforge, is the unofficial online remake of the legendary Dungeon Keeper. Not only do you have to construct your own dungeon as a dungeon master, but also need to care for it economically, as well as take control of enemy dungeons. But can this browser game compete with the original?

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Game Premise:

In the online strategy game Goblin Keeper, you take on the role of an overload with a bad temper obsessed with the idea of world domination. You’ll need to create an army of orcs, goblins, ogres and other evil creatures in order to achieve this goal.

Leave No Stone Unturned:

Before you can start thinking about going after other dungeons and sending your competition to their graves, you’ll need to construct a battle-ready dungeon. There’s more to think about than just your army of orcs and ogres. Goblin Keeper offers a diverse range of different buildings, bed-chambers and food sources to help feed your growing population.

Happiness in the Dungeon:

In Goblin Keeper, your tactical and strategic knowhow will be put to the test. The most important thing you’ll need to look out for is the happiness of your underlings. The happier your underlings are, the less chance there is of uprisings and the more productive your production will be. Make sure that there is constantly enough food, accommodation and gold to ensure everyone is content. As soon as all your underlings are loving life, then you’re ready to go out and tackle your enemies head on.

Defense is the best Offense:

In Goblin Keeper your main task is to build up your base. Goblins are the key to this, as they function as the builders, able to construct vaults, taverns and training centres. But don’t forget that you’ll also need defensive fortifications around your base. Attacks and raids from other players will soon become a daily occurrence and you’ll need plenty of different traps, units and defensive fortifications to make it hard for your competition to get close to your base.

Stronger Together:

An important aspect of Goblin Keeper is the ability to form alliances with other dungeon masters. This doesn’t just help you and your allies when you get attacked but you’re also able to join up together and organise attacks on other players. The alliances mean that you’re constantly communicating with other players and this ensures a high level of fun throughout.

Special Features:

  • Online Remake: Goblin Keeper is a successful new entry to the legendary Dungeon Keeper series, direct on your browser
  • Diverse: Goblin Keeper provides a diverse range of buildings, units, research options and defensive fortifications
  • Alliances: Join together with friends and gain access to special perks and bonuses for your dungeon
  • Intuitive Gameplay: The extensive tutorial and intuitive gameplay make the game’s learning curve very easy for newcomers
  • Satisfying Mixture: Goblin Keeper’s gameplay has a successful mixture of elements taken from online strategy and a tactical browser games
  • Free-to-Play Browser Game: Goblin Keeper can be played completely free and directly on your browser

Tips & Tricks:

  • Free Space: If you ever run out of space in your dungeon, just use the hallways in your bed chambers to free up more
  • Library: Instead of the recommended (2×2 size) in the tutorials, you should build this upgrade with a 3×3 size
  • Items on the Ground: Your creatures always leave stuff behind them. Click on the items to pick them up again
  • Busy Goblins: In order to make your creatures a bit more productive, you can give them a ‘shock.’ But watch out that you don’t let their happiness drop below 20%


The Bottom Line

Goblin Keeper is a free-to-play construction strategy game which combines tactics, strategy and battle. If you’ve been looking for a convincing combination of all three, then you’ve definitely lucked out finding this sinister online browser game. Fans of the legendary Dungeon Keeper games will also have a great time playing this online strategy game and finally have an opportunity to relive the good old days. Enjoy!

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