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Gladiators Online – Guide your Ludus to Fame and Fortune!

Gladiator MMORPG – Now’s your chance to literally make your opponents submit to their knees. In the free-to-play online browser game Gladiators Online from Dorado Online Games (DOG) you have the chance to become one of the biggest gladiators Ancient Rome has ever seen by showing off your skill in the action-packed battles. But skill doesn’t just involve how much of your or your opponent’s blood has been spilled in the arena. Your skill as the Dominus, the leader of the Ludus (a Gladiator school), will also be called into question. Choose your opponents wisely as battles are to the death. Interested in finding out more? Read on to discover what else you can expect.

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Game Description

You take over the Ludus of your deceased father and now’s your chance to take advantage of your new position as Dominus. Earn fame and fortune as a gladiator in the arena and finance your Ludus with the takings. At the beginning you’ll have access to a range of educated slaves and soon after it’s all up to you to decide how to run your Ludus. Earn infamy, fans and increase your popularity to take over the arena!

Lead your own Ludus

You are the Dominus and that means you alone have the power and the responsibility to decide what happens in your house. Gladiators Online is pretty unique in this aspect, especially when comparing it to other games in the genre. You don’t just click through menus and hope for the best as the results of the battle appear on the screen. Instead you have to take part in the battles as well. In general, the whole game is controlled by your mouse but during the battles you’ll also be able to create shortcuts for your keyboard.

Test yourself against other Gladiators

Find the thrill of battle as you fight online against players from around the world. But don’t worry! If no one is available, then there are always NPCs to tide you over. Gladiators Online delivers action-packed 3D battles, which you watch live as your fighters try to force their opponents to their knees. But be careful! If you end up losing, then your life is forfeit and in the hands of the audience. If you’ve entertained them enough, then you’ll have a second chance, but if you’ve bored them to tears, it’s time to say your goodbyes. This all means you’ll need to show off your skills every single battle as this will increase your chances of victory and fame.

Prepare your Gladiators

Even though the Gladiators and their battles are the bread and butter of this game, your role as Dominus of your Ludus is the most important. You’ll need to decide which gladiators to train and how they go about it. If a Gladiator is wounded after a battle, you’ll need to make sure they get looked after. You’ll also need to decide which class to send your newcomers to and don’t forget to keep a good stock of equipment for your gladiators as you don’t want to send them into the arena naked. The condition of the equipment will slowly deteriorate so look after it and you’ll unlock better items once you’ve hit higher levels.

Special Features

  • Develop your Ludus: Start the game with only a couple of gladiators and slowly develop it to become one of the best Ludi around
  • Exciting Battles: Show off your skills in exciting duels with other gladiators and earn fame and fortune in the process
  • Train Your Gladiators: Look after the development and training of your gladiators
  • English Dubbing: Sit back and listen to your gladiator training chat in English
  • Real Classes: Choose one of the real ancient Roman classes and fight in balance battles
  • Say Goodbye to Pay2Win: Spending money in this game won’t affect the outcome of battles


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play Gladiator MMORPG Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor from Dorado Online Games delivers a number of brand new aspects to the genre, like the 3D animated live battles in the arena. You’re guaranteed to have fun as you join the crowd in cheering on your gladiator. DOG has also decided to stray away from the Pay2Win methodology and lets you get completely stuck into the action without having the spend money for the privilege. This game is great for both the casual and hardcore gamer and we guarantee you won’t regret picking this one up!

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