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Ghost Recon Online – Now also as a free-to-play massacre

FPS – Tactical FPS for demanding gamers? Is there such a thing? Yes! The free-to-play tactical FPS Ghost Recon Online from Ubisoft Studios has even invented a completely new game genre. Is it possible, however, for this demanding FPS to really keep up with the conventional Run & Shoot style games? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

The player notices immediately that this free-to-play tactical FPS Ghost Recon Online has to be something special. At the beginning of the game you don’t simply choose a match and join. Ghost Recon Online gives the player the burden of choice with the appropriate battle classes. The Online FPS offers the player three completely different battle classes. These consist of the Assault, the Specialist and the Recon.

The Man with the Damage:

The Assault is responsible for the damage. His weapon arsenal consists of either an assault rifle or a shotgun. He has the task of providing cover and to smoke out the enemies from their own. Besides the weapons, the Assault carries a shield, which give his comrades protection during a retreat. Death by Ambush: The Recon is the sniper in the bunch. His weapons consist, of course, of a sniper rifle, as well as an SMG for close-quarters. His tasks are to defend important positions and to pick off the opposition from ambush points. As well as his weapons, he carries a sensor, which can search out foes in battle areas.

The King of Modern Weaponry:

The Specialist is the master of the technical achievements of modern weaponry. His weapons consist of a shotgun or a light machine-gun. His strengths lie in the so called Black-Out System. One of the special skills, with which he can shut down all the electronic devices of his enemies and disorient them in the process. Asides from this, the Specialist functions as a Support Unit, who provides his comrades with ammunition or new energy.

Play Together, Win Together:

The free-to-play tactical FPS Ghost Recon Online sets a clear focus on team-play. Even the best Run & Shoot player won’t be able to win, if he doesn’t work with his team. In order to underline this tactical focus, all classes have their own individual and team-orientated skills, such as the ‘Heal’ functions of the Assault or the ‘Scan’ function of the Recon.

Special Features

  • Action-packed Fights: Tactical battles with exciting action and up to 16 players at the same time
  • Individual Classes: 3 different classes (Recon, Assault, Specialist) with special skills and weapons
  • High-tech Arsenal: A giant arsenal of weapons and armaments consisting of authentic weapons, armour and special tech
  • Breath-taking graphics: Detailed and interactive battle maps with an up-to-date graphics engine
  • Team-play Features: Complex team and clan system with countless features and communication possibilities.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play tactical FPS Ghost Recon Online has basically managed to lift FPS games to new challenging heights. The complex class systems, the different special skills and the authentic high-tech weaponry make every round a completely new experience. Not to mention the focus on tactical team-play. We have been convinced and are only able to recommend this free-to-play FPS.

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