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Forsaken World – the ultimate MMORPG adventure with an unbeaten level of entertainment

Fantasy MMORGP – A fantasy MMORPG has bowled us over! The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Forsaken World is impressive with its breathtaking animations and detailed graphics. Perfect World, the creative geniuses behind the MMORPG of the same name, are responsible for Forsaken World and have made sure that the game is in no way inferior to its predecessor. Read our review and prepare to be equally as impressed.

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Game Description

Where should we begin? The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Forsaken World delivers a countless number of interesting features. We’ve shortlisted and expanded on the most interesting:

Races and Classes:

In Forsaken World, you have the choice between six different races: Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Stonemen, Kindred and Lycan. At the time of playing, it was only possible to be a ‘Stoneman,’ however ‘Stonewomen’ have since been made available with the latest updates. However, what’s special about this, is that not every race has the same classes available. The Warrior class is available to Humans and Elves, whereas the Bard class is only available to Elves. Every race has a unique combination of classes on offer. The most unique race is definitely the Kindred, who are able to choose the Vampire class, something that is particularly rare in MMORPGs. The best thing about it? You are even able to transform into a bat!

Breathtaking Animation

The game is loaded with high quality graphics and detailed animation. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at the character skins, the environmental graphics or the attack animations, Forsaken World has clearly been lovingly crafted by the developers. The battle animations truly take your breath away as you perform special attacks which not only look powerful, but are seriously impressive to boot.

Items and Progression

A particularly interesting feature during character creation, in addition to the usual creative and diverse appearance settings you would expect, is the ability to put in a birthdate for your character and therefore choose a star sign. But why is this important? By clicking on your star sign, you will have access to specifically tailored items for your character during the course of the game. These could be, but are not restricted to, new weapons. One of the most useful features in the game is the ability to be automatically guided to a target NPC by clicking on their name in the taskbar. This is especially useful for handing in quests. No longer will you need to run around for miles just for a single quest!

Special Features

  • Character Selection: Create your own individual character with a huge range of options at your disposal (e.g. a Vampire)
  • Level Quickly: Complete quests within a short time frame in order to level your character as quickly as possible
  • Different Starting Areas: Every race has their own explorable city where you spawn
  • Detailed Graphics: Experience high quality graphics, exciting battles and astounding animations
  • Guided Quest System: Let yourself be automatically guided through the map without having to worry about getting lost
  • Level Guide: Enjoy a comprehensive menu, simple controls and a practical beginners’ walkthrough to optimise your game experience


The Bottom Line

Forsaken World really bowled us over and it’s easy to see why. The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is not only impressive due to the comfortable and easy controls, the detail graphics and animation but also, in particular, the battles. On top of this, levelling has been made particularly easy by completing quests. Asides from the fantastic world able to be explored, pets and mounts are, of course, also available throughout the course of the game. All this makes Forsaken World an exciting and truly successful fantasy MMORPG.

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