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Flower Knight Girl – An early bloomer

Anime MMORPG – While it is still cold outside and we are still a few months away from spring, we are going to show you a free to play title that might be considered an early bloomer. Despite the cold winter Flower Knight Girl will eventually add some color to your browser, presenting itself as an RPG with the special extra. We checked it out and here is our report.

Official Flower Knight Girl Trailer


Game Concept

Starting out as a rookie in a land that is in utmost peril, you will not only have to fight countless hordes of monsters and other threats but will also meet the most interesting companions and find several other treasures and goodies that will help you to get situated. While the beginning is rather easy, you will eventually have to upgrade the gear of your character and the gear of your companions. Step by step you will rise in ranks, power and wealth – a needed change for those that want to overcome the obstacles that await in Flow Knight Girl.

No classes but a team of unique heroes:

The most obvious deviation from regular rpg-setups is how you progress through the game. While you do have a character to start out with, it’s your whole team that wins you your fights. Select a team of up to four individuals with each of your team members resembling a specific sort of plant. Yes, a plant. We had a team full of sunflowers, strawberries and other flora that went to town and beat up overgrown flies and other meanies. A definite surprise for any hardcore rpg-fan but also a welcome change to an otherwise locked set of playable classes.

Grow your own warriors:

Usually you hire your companions in some sort of tavern or meet them along your journeys, but in Flower Knight Girl the rules have change. Here, your companions literally grow – not on trees, but in a flower pot. By planting a so called Gacha Seed, a new companion will emerge from the fertile ground and eventually mature into a full-grown warrior. What sort of companion you will receive is determined by the quality of the seed you used and even then it still takes some time until your new teammate is ready to go. With a little training and a neat gift, you can strengthen the bond between your characters and they will fight harder and improve even more. A valuable lesson to be learned, especially once you tackled the harder stages of the game.

Explore the world via the mission board:

While it is not possible to freely move within a given world, you basically jump from mission to mission in Flower Knight Girl. Each mission resembles a stepping stone on a huge mission board and while some missions connect to each other, you will have to make decisions on where to progress when you come across splitting pathways. Some paths might lead to hidden treasures and other goodies while others just lead right into a horde of gruesome foes. Of course there is always the opportunity to change your mind but nonetheless it is advised to be make up your mind on where you want to end up before you start traveling along the board.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Flower Knight Girl is absolutely free-to-play.
  • A unique band of playable heroes: You don’t play a single character, but an all-female warband of flowery heroines.
  • Grow your own warriors: In Flow Knight Girl you don’t hire your companions, you grow them – in a flower pot.
  • Explore the world via mission board: Plan your next step and lead your party from mission to mission on the mission board.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play Anime MMORPG Flower Knight Girl presented itself as neat little role playing game. The artwork and the interaction between characters via dialogues was rather compelling and got us hooked up pretty early. While it might be bewildering at first that you grow your companions via seeds in a flower pot, we eventually got over it and experienced a free to play title that might not have the depth like some others have but was nonetheless a decent competitor and a game that will keep you entertained for hours. Therefore we highly recommend that you give this one a try, especially since spring is still a few months away.

Photo of Flower Knight Girl

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