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Felspire – The protectors of the realm

Fantasy Browser MMORPG – While the gods are gone, the realm has plunged into chaos and demonic forces are trying to devastate the lands of the living. Only a chosen few have the courage to stand in their way – you are one of them. A promising start for Felspire, a new free to play Fantasy Browser MMORPG from 37games. We have spent a few hours playing this little gem and here is our report.

Official Felspire Trailer


Game Concept

Felspire is basically the distillate of any given MMORPG. Starting out as a nobody, you only have some rudimentary items and a few coins in your pocket. Not enough, if you want to become the one that protects the realm and defeats the demonic hordes. Therefore you have to find a way to become stronger and consequently get your hands on better gear. One way of doing that is by completing quests, such as slaying a given amount of monsters or by acquiring certain items for your contractors. Ultimately all these tasks yield experience and coin, the two most valuable resources for any aspiring protector of the realm. 

The trifecta of classes:

Right now you get to choose between three unique classes: Warrior, Archer and Mage. Unfortunately these classes are currently gender-locked but nonetheless we enjoyed trying them out. Even though the game isn’t played in 3D, the 2D style and the overall presentation of the classes won us over. Each class has its unique fighting style and a unique set of skills available. While Archers turn their foes into living pin cushions, Warriors simply cut them in half. And the best part is: They all do it in style. The attacks of the mage are outright awesome, especially in the later stages of the game, when our fireball hurling friend gets the huge spells. Devastating a battlefield within mere seconds has never been so much fun.

Customize your hero:

When playing an MMORPG, you will eventually want to stand out of the mass and become known among fellow players. And what better way is there to become known, if not for your set of glorious prestige items? Felspire really came up with something when they added all these little cosmetics and collectibles. Some of them, like mounts, do have a specific purpose, but others are just a pure aesthetical choice. Of course there aren’t only shiny gems that could be collected. Crafting, socketing and all the other known mechanics of decent MMORPG’s are also part of the menu that Felspire offers its huge player base.

A PvE and PvP slugfest:

As for late game content and PvP action, Felspire has you covered. Aside from the common solo dungeons, you get the opportunity to engage in epic PvE events, with monsters so strong that one hero couldn’t possibly beat them. These multiplayer PvE instances, such as the Demon Abyss, reward only the bravest and toughest of heroes. If you prefer solid PvP combat, then maybe the battlegrounds or the guild war feature are right up your alley. At any rate, Felspire does offer tons of content, not only for the early but also for the late stages of the game. There seems to be no end for your character to progress and that is definitely a good thing.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Browser MMORPG: Just sign up and you are good to go – Felspire is completely free to play directly in your browser.
  • Trifecta of classes: Decimate the hordes of darkness as a Warrior, Archer or Mage with unique style and abilities.
  • Customize your hero: Dozens of cosmetics, upgrades and other prestige items are waiting for you found.
  • Solid PvP and PvE: Fight alongside or against your friends, the choice is yours. Felspire support lots of PvP and PvE opportunities.
  • Guild wars: Determine the #1 guild and defeat rival guilds in epic guild wars with lots of players and epic loot.


The Bottom Line

Okay, so now that we played as a mage and as the archer, we are picking up the warrior again. We simply couldn’t make up our mind about what to play first and considering the visuals and the overall presentation of class skills, it’s certainly not easy. And this is most likely one of the points that convinced us about the free to play Fantasy MMORPG Felspire. Even though the classes are gender-locked and there is an autoplay-feature, the game still managed to pile up enough compelling arguments. The hero customization is great and the massive PvE and PvP is even better. Especially when you engage in guild wars, since these huge scale battles not only yield massive rewards but also encourage cooperative play and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. As for our final conclusion: Try out Felspire, play it until you hit the late game and then simply enjoy the rich buffet of features that this game will offer.

Pictures from Felspire


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