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Farmerama – The Completely Crazy Farmyard

Online Farm Simulator – Create your own virtual farm in one of the world’s best loved browser games! The free-to-play farm simulator Farmerama takes you away to an incredibly colourful and cute world where you’ll need to earn a living cultivating and building up the land based on your own preferences. The game, developed by Bigpoint Studios, has managed to convince millions of players so far. Could you be next? We tested the game out so that you can find out…

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Game Description

You alone have the power to determine how you play this game. In the free-to-play online farm simulator Farmerama, you have the option of gallivanting around your farm at any pace your heart desires. You decide what to build, which animals to rear and what your focus will be. Your goal is to become the most important and wealthy farms in the region and to do so, you’ll need your get yours hands dirty. Farmerama is definitely one of those games where it’s nearly impossible to focus on just a couple core features but we’ve tried to list the most important below.

Your Farmyard, Your Decision

You start the game well equipped with a farmhouse, barn, dung heap and windmill. What you do with them is completely up to you. You decide which trees to plant, which animals to occupy your stalls and which kind of vegetables to grow. You can build new stalls for different animals or harvest a diverse range of produce from your fruit trees. You even have the burden of choice when it comes to planting seeds on your fields as you won’t just have farmland at your disposal, but also a forest and other maps that become available as your progress. The only thing you need to ensure is that your farm makes a profit. If you manage this, then it’s only a matter of time before you can add yourself to the list of the richest farmers around.

Trade and Support

The goods that you harvest can be sold on the market, which also happens to be one of the most important places outside of your farm. This is where you’ll be able to trade with other players to get the best prices around. You’ll also have a lot more in store for you in the city. You can complete exciting quests, get in contact with your friends, make presents or offer help and support. In addition, you’ll also have a chance to win great prices from the lovingly animated Farmwheel.

A Magical World

Faramara’s playable content isn’t the only addictive thing about the game, as the visuals really set the game apart from the competition. It’s very rare to see such a lovingly crafted world in a browser game. It’s really possible to spend hours at a time just taking in the graphics. The design of the animals, which has clearly been influenced by comic books, is also simply hilarious. They don’t just look cuddly and sweet, but you really start to wonder whether the designers were on something during development. Farmerama is one of those games where you really notice that there has been a lot of effort and love put into it. It succeeds in transporting you to a care-free and colourful world, and you’d be lying if you said that’s not something that would appeal to you.

Special Features

  • Giant Farm – Shape your farm to your tastes with countless possibilities and a large area to do it on
  • Detailed Graphics – One of the most lovingly crafted and detailed games on the market making it stand out from the competition
  • Comic Book Animals – Every single animal will make you want to cuddle them as they look at you with their huge eyes. The cute yet funny design helps again
  • Map Selection – You don’t just have classic farmland areas to choose from, but also forest and tropical maps as well
  • Successful Rearing – Aside from the ‘normal’ animal types, you’ll also have the chance to rear ‘exotic’ creatures like the Rainbow Chicken
  • Interactive Gameplay – Daily quests, events, an eye-catching Farmwheel and thousands of other players really keep boredom at bay


The Bottom Line

This is more than just a simple simulator. The free-to-play browser farm simulator Farmerama is a giant, colourful and funny explosion of different possibilities. It will chain you to your seat thanks to its diverse features and lovingly crafted detail. You’ll be entertained for hours without it losing its charm, regardless whether you’re just looking to relax after a long day at work or wanting the full programme. We recommend this game unreservedly to any and all casual gamers. You won’t regret it.

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