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Eden Eternal – Jam-packed Anime MMORPG especially for enthusiasts!

Anime Role-playing Game – Eden Eternal is the brand-new free-to-play anime role-playing game (MMORPG) from the studios of Aeria games. Jam-packed with features such as the option to change between classes at any stage, buildable guild cities and a huge range of races, classes and sub-classes, this game promises to be an absolute online powerhouse. Read on to find out if it delivers on these promises…

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Game Premise

In this free-to-play anime MMORPG, you are part of a team of heroes tasked with forcing back evil forces threatening the world of Paradise Eden in order to bring peace and order back to the land.

The Story

A long time ago, the different civilisations and races joined together in the hope of creating a new harmonious future in Eden. However, each race had their own ideas of how this harmony should look like and war soon broke out. Plundering soldiers and dangerous monsters soon were running wild throughout this newly created Eden Paradise.

Diverse Races

In Eden Eternal, you start off by choosing a race and then creating your cool new character. The races available are: Humans, the mouse-like Zumi, the bear-like Ursun, the frog-like Anuran or the gnome-like Halflings. Each race has their own unique story and access to different appearances, units and equipment.

Innovative Class System

After you choose your race, you then need to decide on your class. As normal, these classes are divided into those specialising in close-quarter combat, long-distance combat, magic, healing, supporting and tanking. All classes are then separated further into 3 to 4 sub-classes. For example, you can choose between the Thief, Samurai, Sharpshooter, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman or Templar. But watch out: What makes Eden Eternal special is that this choice isn’t permanent. You can decide throughout the game to change your class so that you can continually adapt to new situations.

Build your own house and be a part of a community

Asides from the unique class system, Eden Eternal offers a huge range of community based features. Build and renovate your own buildings, for example, for different purposes and help your guild develop a lively city. In addition, you have the chance to enter combat areas or exciting dungeons together with your guild. In addition, you can build your own home and even attract settlers to come help collect raw materials and produce equipment.

Special Features

  • Class System: Choose between 5 different races and 5 unique classes (close-quarters, distance specialist etc.) each with 3 or 4 different sub-classes
  • The Chance to Change: Change your class at any time and adapt to the situation at hand
  • Guild Cities: Form your own powerful guild with friends and build up a city to earn special bonuses
  • Your own Home: Build your home within your city to attract settlers in the race for valuable resources
  • Combat System: Fight together with your guild in epic battles to take over or defend areas, earn prestige or receive experience points

The Bottom Line

Aeria Games has developed yet another powerhouse in the form of the free-to-play anime MMORPG Eden Eternal and released it into the market. Even after the success of Grand Fantasia, the developers have managed to think up countless new features to add to Eden Eternal. These consist of a unique class system and cool house and guild construction features. If you’re a fan of lovingly crafted anime online games, then you’ll definitely feel right at home playing Eden Eternal.

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