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Dragon Pals – A Cute Coupling of Action MMORPGs and Pokemon

Dragon Roleplaying Game – Were you a fan ofthe Pokemon TV series and the epic Gameboy games? Then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for in the free-to-play browser MMORPG Dragon Pals. Dragon Pals is a well thought-out mixture of different genres and promises that you’ll never get bored. But is this really the case? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

So, where should we begin? The free-to-play browser MMORPG Dragon Pals really makes it hard to summarise everything into just a short review. So we’ve decided to list the main features in order for you to get an idea of what to expect.

Epic Stories

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon Pals is set in a fantasy world, whose population has been protected from evil forces for hundreds of years by powerful dragons. When the evil forces started to take more and more worlds around them and the war between the dragons and dark creatures had already broken out, the dragons started to fear that they would be drawn to the evil powers and locked themselves into magical eggs allowing humans more time to fight against them. As a dragon warrior, you have the chance to discover, unlock, adapt and train these trapped dragons and use them against the evil forces to ensure victory.

3 Classes On Offer

Before you can even begin to fight against these evil forces, you’ll need to decide on one of three different classes. You have the choice between the Archer, Warrior and Mage. All classes have of course completely different skills and abilities. For example, the Archer is very powerful on the attack but lacks defensive capabilities. The Warrior on the other hand is heavily armoured but doesn’t dish out near as much damage. The Mage is the most balanced of the classes with a respectable amount of damage and defence. The available skills are separated out into three skill trees under the headings ‘Attack’, ‘Defence’ and ‘Talent’ (or in other words, your passive abilities).

Capturing, Taming and Nurturing Dragons

Dragons play a huge role in the free-to-play browser roleplaying game Dragon Pals. However, they aren’t available to you right from the beginning. Instead you’ll need to first find a dragon egg and activate it before you can think about having one. What’s good about Dragon Pals is that you don’t need to decide on one of the cute dragons, but instead have a large selection of dragons to capture, tame and nuture. Just like your character, these dragons also have different trainable abilities. Their strengths can even be levelled up using so-called Dragon Orbs. You even have the option of fusing two dragons together to create a brand new, stronger dragon.

Guilds and Your Own Farm

Dragon Pals gives you the chance to join together with friends in guilds. In these guilds, you have the possibility of joining together against the evil forces in battles, fight in guild wars and take advantage of guild features. These include a special Guild Shop with epic items, the Guild Storehouse, and the Guild Academy where you can research new abilities, as well as special Guild Events. Asides from the guilds, you also have the option of owning your own farm. You’re able to cultivate and take care of your own plants in order to earn extra experience points and valuable Amethysts. You can even hire or headhunt farmhands away from your competition. Finally, you can even pray to the farm gods to increase the yield of your crops.

Epic Items at the Smith

The Blacksmith isthe central contact point regarding new weapons and armour. You have lots of different options available here in order to upgrade your own equipped items. This includes the possibility of getting your armour enchanted, socketed or refined. In addition, you also have the option of converting, casting, evolving or recycling items that you no longer wish to use in order to use the raw materials to create epic items. All this gives you the chance to create your own unique set of equipment to force your opponents to their knees.  

Special Features

  • Dragon Master: Capture, tame and train a number of different dragons with individual upgradable active and passive abilities
  • Dragon Team: Choose between 3 different character classes and combine your abilities with your dragons
  • Fantasy Coop: Experience a giant fantasy world and complete quests solo or together with your friends
  • Extensive Battle System: Dive into action-packed side scroll battles and learn countless amazing battle combos
  • Construction Features: Build your own farm, recruit employees and get extra experience and amethysts to use on your weapons and armour
  • Guild Features: Join together with your friends and start a guild to unlock special guild features


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon Pals cleverly combines a number of different game genres. These include classic roleplaying or rather MMORPG elements, cool side-scroll battle mechanics like in other console action games, all packed together with the ability to collect and tame your own dragon just like in the epic Pokemon Gameboy games. In conclusion, there’s no way that you won’t have a lot of fun playing Dragon Pals and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

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