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Dragon Blood – Your destiny lies in the flames

Browser Action MMORPG – After thousands of years of deep slumber the land is calling you once again. Darkness is threatening the world and only you, the chosen one, has what it takes to overpower the forces of darkness. The blood of a dragon flows in your veins, granting you powers you have yet to see in a free to play Browser MMORPG like it Dragon Blood is. We checked it out and here is our report.  

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Game Concept

Dragon Blood is a classic MMORPG as you know them. Once you chose your designated class you are starting out as your average rookie character. Risen from a long slumber you will first have to regain your strength if you want to drive back the hordes of darkness. Not an easy task but as time passes you will regain your strength and unlock long forgotten abilities and acquire better gear and new equipment which each step you take. Fighting the darkness is a long and tedious task but with strong resolve you will eventually rise to heights which will grant you and your allies the power to overcome even the toughest of obstacles.

A branching class system:

One of the most compelling features of Dragon Blood is its intriguing class system. While you do start out with only two playable classes, the Knight and the Mage, you will eventually unlock the full potential of a massive and unique class system. Depending on what you and your party needs, you get to fully customize your character and your henchmen. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer to play as a physical damage dealer or want to develop your character into a tank, the game has got you covered. You decide the fate of your character and you decide how you would want to shape that very character without being forced into a few static classes.

Strategic and turn-based combat:

Compared to similar titles, Dragon Blood provides a true turn-based combat experience. Choose carefully between your abilities and those of your teammates before fighting your foes. While it may seem to be relatively easy in the beginning to overpower your enemies, it will eventually become harder in the later stages of the game. Being in full control over your party during combat scenarios is a treat, since it’s not a given thing in free to play titles these days.  Other than that there is also some form of resource management to the fights, since powerful abilities can only be used every X turns before becoming ready again. Take your time, plan your next move and win the fight.

A huge world, full of adventures:

Aside from all the gameplay goodness Dragon Blood puts you into a world that is brimming with adventures and things to explore and achieve. Dungeons, PvP, gear customization, pets and tons of other features are waiting for you to be unlocked. Dragon Blood really offers so many little features and gimmicks that you will spend weeks before you even get an idea of how huge the world actually is. A great motivator, not only for the achievers and explorers and among you.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Browser MMORPG: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Dragon Blood is absolutely free-to-play.
  • Turn-based combat: Plan your moves carefully and overpower your foes step by step in action-packed turn-based combat.
  • Branching class system: Choose between two starter classes and develop your character individually without any given class restrictions.
  • A world full of adventures: Explore the world of Dragon Blood and participate in huge PvP or PvE battles, find rare mounts and treasures and show your skill in the frequent events within Dragon Blood.


The Bottom Line

While Dragon Blood didn’t reinvent the wheel and sure has quite a few similarities with already existing MMORPGs, it still maintains a level of individually that allows it to stand out of the mass of competitors. We aren’t even sure if it’s the class system or the huge world you are free to explore but most likely it’s a bit of everything. The game provides enough freedom for hardcore players and is accessible enough for newcomers with little features such as auto pathing and its lengthy tutorial. In this regard Dragon Blood is the sort of game that manages to find some decent middle ground is definitely worth checking out for MMO fans and other players alike.

Photo of Dragon Blood

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