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Dragon Atlas– How to Tame Your Dragon

Browser MMORPG – Released in August 2014, Dragon Atlas is one of 37Games’most recent free-to-play titles. Even though the concept of adding dragons to videogames is almost as ancient as the dragons themselves, Dragon Atlas mixes it up and allows you to tame your own dragon. How exactly does that work out? You are about to find out.

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Game Concept

The core gameplay of Dragon Atlas follows the idea of a classic MMORPG. Starting out at Level 1, with little more than basic weaponry and a few coins in your pocket, you’re tasked with taking control of a so called ‘Dragontalker’, a person capable of talking to dragons and even better – taming them. Along with your dragon you set out on an epic journey to gather riches and gain more experience with the goal of becoming stronger as you progress.

Not without my Dragon:

As the game’s title already indicates, Dragon Atlas is all about dragons. While you get to select a character at the beginning of the game (at the time of writing you have the choice between the warrior and mage classes), you will also get your first dragon right at the beginning of the game. Dragons are powerful entities, which fight alongside you on the battlefield and wield some of the most powerful and destructive forces imaginable. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep your dragon happy and well equipped. Finding ancients relics and other items will allow you to buff the overall strength of your fire-breathing companion and also unlock some hidden abilities to lay waste to your foes.

Cultivation, Combos and More:

Thankfully there is so much more to do in Dragon Atlas. The game doesn’t finish with you getting your dragon. As you progress, you will find a dragon egg and which will take a little time to hatch and even more time to train. The end result will be a fully grown and matured dragon capable of obliterating your foes. Until then you have the chance to hire several mercenaries, hired hands that assist you in your battles, each of them adding unique abilities and powers that do have the potential to turn into devastating combos allowing you to dish out tons more damage than you would with normal attacks.

Non-Linear Single Player Campaign:

All the aforementioned features and several others will unfold within the single player campaign of Dragon Atlas. A campaign that is divided in several segments and delivers quite a few surprises along the way. Even though the campaign has its main story, you will also get some freedom to explore hidden areas and take walks off the beaten path. For this reason, we found the whole single player experience much more refreshing than in other free-to-play titles, where you are simply running from A to B and don’t even get the chance to make any decisions on where to go next. In that regard 37Games really hit the nail on the head by giving players the desired freedom throughout a non-linear single player campaign.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play MMORPG – Dragon Atlas does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins
  • Tame your own Dragon – Dragon Atlas is all about dragons. Take care of your dragon whelps and they will turn into powerful allies
  • Cultivation, Combos and More – Hire mercenaries with unique powers and abilities and unleash devastating combos on your enemies.
  • Non-Linear Single Player Campaign – Dragon Atlas has a decent single player campaign that is not only well-written but also introduces you to all the necessary features.


The Bottom Line

We have spent several hours playing the free to play fantasy browser MMORPG Dragon Atlas and have actually really enjoyed it. As we hit the mid game, we were still discovering new features and little gimmicks that continuously raised our opinion on Dragon Atlas. Dragon Atlas is definitely one of the most respectable free-to-play titles out there and even though we were a bit skeptical about the whole dragon thing at the beginning, the game really proved us wrong. We started to get pretty maternal about our little dragon egg and once our hatchling fully matured, things on the battlefield started to heat up. Therefore we would highly recommend checking out this game and learn for yourself what it means to become a Dragontalker.

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