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Demon Crusade – The Dark Side is Calling Your Name!

Fantasy MMORPG – Do you always end up fighting for the good guys and are getting fed up? In the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Demon Crusade, you play for the guys who are normally seen as the enemies. The game, developed in an Anime style by the studios of MGames, transports you to a fantastical world full of adventure and fascinating creatures. Still not sure whether Demon Crusade is the game for you? Read on to find out more…

Game Description

The world of demons is under attack and its your job to save it. In the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Demon Crusade, you have to fight back enemy demon hunters who have invaded the underworld. Countless exciting quests and a compelling storyline are only two of the many exceptional features on offer within the game. We have listed the most important of them below.

The Vanished King

Chaos has broken out in the underworld as the demon king has vanished without a trace allowing demon hunters to descend upon its inhabitants. You have been called upon by Pandora, the temple leader’s daughter, to take up arms against the invasion and to help protect the demon world. You will encounter numerous NPCs along the way who help drive the story on as you search for the vanished king.

Different Classes

There are three classes available to choose from: the Warrior, Mage and Ranger. These classic RPG characters are each packed with special abilities and have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Warrior is particularly good at close-quarter combat, while the Mage and Ranger prefer to fight from a distance. You’ll need to think long and hard about what style of play is best for you, as you won’t get another chance to change your class after character creation. You’ll also be able to join together with other players and combine your various strengths.

Numerous Quests

Quests are an important element of every RPG and Demon Crusade is no different. A particularly great feature of the game are the Introductory Quests which you complete at the beginning and really help ease new players into the game. As soon as you’ve reach a high enough level, you’ll be able to take part in Elite Quests and Instances earning special rewards in the process. You’ll not find a lack of things to do in Demon Crusade, as there are NPCs everywhere across the world always offering new quests for you to do to help you earn gold and experience points.

To Battles

Conflict is everywhere in Demon Crusade so you’ll have no problems finding battles if you’re in the mood for a fight. You can either fight in PvP duels against other players at the arena and earn rewards based on your rank and previous success, or you can show off your skills in so-called Solo Events. These events are only accessible once you’ve reached a certain level and have a range of rare items as rewards.

Special Features

  • Large Game World: Explore the demonic underworld, solve riddle and complete quests while searching for the vanished demon king
  • Numerous Quests: Complete exciting quests and earn gold and experience in the process
  • Form a Guild: Find a guild and join together with other players to combine your strengths
  • Arena Battles: Fight in the arena against other players and rise through the ranks
  • Elite Quests: Level up and take part in particularly hard elite quests with rare rewards
  • Capture Souls: Capture lost souls who will accompany and support you
  • Free the Underworld: Drive the demon hunters back to their own world and save the demon temple from total destruction

The Bottom Line

Down with the demon hunters! The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Demon Crusade has really put a spin on the classic demon and monster genre and impressed us in the process. The familiar elements, countless exciting quests and above all, the easy learning curve really make this game a fantastic and entertaining experience and a must-play for every fan of the fantasy genre.


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