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DDTank – Let’s have a blast, Dude!

Browser Shooter MMO – AeriaGames’ free to play title DDTank has been blasting its way through the browser game scene since 2011. More than three years and a lot of refinement later, the game still seems to be growing strong. What is the secret to the success of this cute MMO 2D-shooter and how well cansuch a game do in 2014? Time to find out.

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Game Concept of DDTank

Played as an MMO 2D-shooter, it is your job to hit your opponents across a given map. By aiming in their specific direction and considering several side factors like wind and the terrain itself, you have to blast your foes into oblivion. DDTank mixes features from classic games like ‘Worms’ with several components which you may already know from several RPG titles. Upgrading your equipment, as well as unlocking unique power ups will be necessary on your path to become the #1 in DDTank.

An old-school 2D-Shooter MMO

If you have ever played any of the countless ‘Worms’ titles, you will find similarities between them and DDTank. Whereas in Worms you are in control over a squad of identical soldiers, things in DDTanks are different. Instead of having a full team of units, you take control of a single character. By shifting the focus onto a single character, the game manages to provide several customization options, which for the most part go well with the overall cute artwork and give your character a unique appearance on the battlefield.

Weapons of choice

Starting off with Shurikens, which are your initial weapon in the game, DDTank offers countless other weapons. Some of them are outright hilarious and remind you of the weaponry of other 2D-Shooters. Even though there might not be a sheep bomb, there is still other stuff that you can throw at your enemy, if you want to ruin their day. From bazookas, to crazy chickens or a pair of scissors – DDTank delivers. What weapon you choose is up to you but you should keep in mind that each weapon has its distinctive characteristics. Having a set of weapons and the appropriate power ups at your disposal is something that may tip the tide of battle in your favor.

Double the gun, double the fun

DDTank is a game that is best played in a team. Of course you have the option to finish single player missions, but once you bring a few friends and start blasting each other with bazookas, the real fun begins. Supporting up to four players per match, it is just a matter of a few turns until one of the cute cartoony maps has been transformed into a crater-ridden wasteland. And just in case you are more of a competitive player, DDTank offers several tournaments each year to determine its #1 player.

Special Features of DDTank

  • Free to play MMO 2D-shooter: Coming as a social platform browser game, DDTank is absolutely free to play and requires no further installation.
  • Old-school 2D-Shooter: Reviving the glorious days of 2D-shooters, DDTank has all the characteristics of old-school titles like ‘Worms,’ but expands on them by adding several RPG components like upgrades and crafting.
  • Tons of Weapons: Offering a wide range of weapons, from basic firearms to some crazy doomsday devices like chicken bombs and toilet plugs – this game has almost everything.
  • Multiplayer Battles: No matter if you are fighting your friends or going for some serious competition in the arena – multiplayer battles are the bread and butter of this game.


The Bottom Line

Almost 30 years have passed since the initial release of the first turn-based 2D-shooter. Now, in 2014, DDTank is showing us why this genre still has flair. Even though the graphics aren’t top notch anymore and the gameplay itself is very simplistic, DDTank manages to catch some of the spirit of the old-school titles like ‘Worms’ or even ‘Tank Wars.’ It flips the right switches and adds several RPG elements like customization and upgrading, making DDTank a unique experience. Even though you might not be familiar with the aforementioned titles – rest assured that as long as you bring some friends, you are literallygoing to have a blast in DDTank.

Images from DDTank


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