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Dawngate – Breaking the Meta? WTF?!

MOBA –Aiming to separate itself from the ever-growing pack of MOBA’s, Dawngate is EA’s most recent competitor in the scene of free to play titles. Claiming to break the traditional Meta is a keen statement and is definitely something that sparked our interest in Dawngate. How good is its flexible meta system and does it have the potential to go toe-to-toe with other top titles?

Official Dawngate Trailer


Game concept of Dawngate

Following some of the traditional rules of MOBA’s, you pick one of many different heroes – each one with individual abilities. Following your ever-spawning creep waves, it is your job to accumulate riches, overcome your rivals and eventually destroy the enemy’s guardian. Completely new is the concept of flexible meta– by adding options to break the traditional role-set, Dawngate provides a multitude of approaches and builds for each specific hero.

Breaking the Meta:

Whereas all other MOBA’s work with designated roles for each hero, Dawngate definitely provides an innovative concept. During the hero selection, you get the opportunity to select specific perks and a designated role. While perks are a feature introduced with League of Legends runes and masteries, the selection of a role is completely new. You get to choose between Gladiator, Tactician, Hunter and Predator. Depending on the chosen role, you then receive certain benefits by adapting your play style to fit that role. Assuming you want to go for fast player kills and like to play aggressively, then it’s worthwhile to assign the role of a predator to your previously chosen hero. The reason is, as a predator you gain 150% of the normal kill bonus and even 200% for assisting on kills. Of course there are also roles for more support oriented players or players who love jungling.

Keeping it friendly:

Besides the obvious gameplay enrichment, the flexible Meta has another neat side-effect. Players can still take the role they initially wanted to take, even though their favorite hero might have been picked already. While other MOBA’s like League of Legends are constantly struggling with toxic player behavior, Dawngates role system does a good job at keeping frustration to a minimum while providing easy access. The fact that heroes do not have designated roles, does ensure that basically any hero could be played in your favorite way. Of course some heroes are more suitable for certain scenarios, but the additional freedom of choice is definitely something that has a huge impact on positive player behavior.

Enriched gameplay:

Dawngate provides an enriched gameplay experience. The map is full with traditional elements that you might know from DotA or League of Legends, like brushes to hide in, jungle camps that provide specific buffs and even some elements that are completely new. For instance, there are the so called spirit wells. There are four of these wells on the map and they can be captured by your team once the timer hits the 15 minute mark. By establishing control over a spirit well, your team receives additional income every second of the game. Therefore expect all hell breaks loose, when the game hits these critical time points. The result is a refreshing and overall enriched gameplay experience.

Special Features

  • Free to play MOBA: Currently in its open beta, Dawngate will also be complete free to play once it is released.
  • Breaking the Meta: Classical roles are no more. Choose your favorite hero and playit the way you ever wanted to play it.
  • Easy accessibility: The additional freedom of choice and easy accessibility ensure minimal frustration and a positive learning environment.
  • Enriched gameplay: Despite still being in open beta status, Dawngate already provides an enriched gameplay experience, full with familiar and new features to explore.


The Bottom Line

Yup, it’s broken. Breaking up with traditional gameplay elements and coming up with the idea of the new flexible meta was a stroke of genius. Dawngate took a courageous leap with its concept but it has definitely enriched the game. Not being restricted to specific heroes depending on their role feels great. So far Dawngate is doing well and as long as the developers ensure that heroes still have a profile and don’t lose their individuality, Dawngate definitely has the potential to take a stand among other established MOBAs.

Pictures from Dawngate


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