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Conquer Online – Ninjas, Pirates and Kung-Fu

Action MMORPG – What does a game need for it to be successful? There are several answers to that question but in case of Conquer Online the answer might be: Ninjas and pirates! Since its initial launch in 2003, Conquer Online has attracted several million players and even after almost 12 years, the game is still one of the most popular free to play titles. In this review, we’ll tell you why.

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Game Concept

Conquer Online is set in the world of Ancient China. Chaos is spreading and evil follows in its footsteps. You are one of the chosen few, determined to protect your people and to purge the darkness that is threatening your homeland. By slaying atrocious monstrosities and finishing compelling quests, you receive income and experience, two valuable resources that you will need to improve your skills and equipment, because only the most experienced players will be able to face the trials that lie ahead.

Ninjas, Pirates and Kung-Fu:

A compelling class system is something that every successful MMORPG should deliver. Even better when it manages to add something unique, which makes the game stand out of the crowd. In Conquer Online you are allowed to choose between 10 classes and a sub-class system is currently being worked on. The classes cover a lot of ground, since they go from warrior to monk and from ninja to pirate. Yes, you can play as a pirate or a ninja. Each class comes with a unique set of skills and passives. Pirates, for example, utilize a mix of ranged handgun attacks and quick dashes with their cutlass, while Taoists prefer the use of magic and dragon-warriors utilize their unique kung-fu and martial arts skills.

Craft, Customize and Conquer:

During the leveling process, limited at a hundred levels, you constantly look for a way to improve your gear and optimize your character. One way is to find items by killing monsters but another way is to upgrade your gear in the forge. Conquer Online provides a decent crafting system that allows you to socket, enchant and upgrade your items, making sure that your character is ready for the challenges ahead.

Rewarding Teamplay:

Teamplay is something that the developers of Conquer Online are really trying to emphasize. Not only because it is more fun to play with your friends, but also because it is way more rewarding in terms of ingame currency. In Conquer Online there are some areas that you can only visit if you are grouped with friends, or with other people interested in doing a certain type of quest or dungeon. While being in a group, the overall experience gain is increased and the party leader receives a specific buff for his effort organizing the group. In that regard you get way more motivated to look for like-minded people and it’s more fun anyway, when you’ve finally managed to take down a huge boss with a group of friends.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play MMORPG: Once you have signed up and downloaded the client, you can enjoy the free-to-play experience of Conquer Online.
  • Ninjas, Pirates and Kung-Fu: 10 classes, including ninjas and pirates are at your disposal.
  • Decent Crafting System: A solid crafting system, including: upgrading, socketing, enchanting and more.
  • Rewarding Teamplay: Receive bonuses for organizing groups and fight the monstrous hordes together with your friends.


The Bottom Line

For a game that is almost 12 years old, Conquer Online has gone through quite a few transformations. The initial graphics from 2003 have been constantly buffed and with the addition of new content and additional classes the game has managed to stay up-to-date. It is rare to see a title to do so well after such a long time and playing this game showed us why it still has several million registered players. We are definitely looking at a decent MMORPG that offers interesting classes, compelling teamplay options and a promise for major updates in the near future. Conquer Online is always worth a visit and even when you’re not in a position to this right now, we are pretty sure that this game won’t be going anyway anytime soon.

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