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Chaos Heroes Online –Non-Stop Action!

MOBA – Based on the famous WC3-Mod called Dota: Chaos, Chaos Heroes Online is not only free to play but also promises a way faster game-pace and more action packed team fights than any other MOBA you may be familiar with. In order to achieve this, it has introduced some major changes to your average MOBA experience. Nevertheless, are these changes for the better? Check out our review and decide for yourself.

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Game concept

In regards to the basic game concept, Chaos Heroes Online also relies on the traditional MOBA elements. First off you have to pick one of several unique heroes, each one with their own unique set of skills and characteristics. The game begins with you standing side by side with your allies and regularly spawning minions facing your opponents. As you accumulate gold by slaying minions or rival heroes, you can purchase better gear that will eventually help you to overpower your enemies and win the game.

Non-stop Action:

In Chaos Heroes Online, the game starts (and usually finishes) with a bang. Aggressive gameplay is rewarded and the game gives you all the tools you need to do just that. You don’t need to farm for twenty minutes just to get that one item which gives you magic immunity and you don’t have to go back to base to grab your gear. Items just pop up in your inventory and several power-ups can be activated for a little fee from an extra skill bar, that every player has immediate access to. Therefore, you’ll find that huge team fights happen deep in enemy territory way earlier than they would in any other MOBA.

Cut your Path to Victory:

The freedom of movement within the game is a particularly neat feature. Almost every tree on the map can be chopped down with a single click, a feature that allows you to create individual routes, allowing you to pop up right behind the enemy and attack them from behind. But stay alert and always keep an eye on your surroundings, since the enemy team might come rushing through the tree line at any given moment.

A Favorite Hero for Everyone:

Goblins with Dynamite? Check! An elephant with a baseball bat? Check! And a penguin with a rocket launcher? Double-check! Of course those were some of the over the top examples from the sixty heroes that await you, but nonetheless each of these heroes feels unique and has a set of skills that make them excel in a certain role. No matter what role you prefer, you will definitely be able to find a hero that suits you perfectly.

Quests and Challenges:

Another innovative feature is the integration of quests. In order to unlock a specific hero, you can simply finish specific quests. For example, assisting in more than ten kills per match will permanently unlock a new hero and earning a certain amount of gold per game with that hero will reward you with more experience and additional currency. At any rate –the quest system gives players an extra incentive to do well and it is definitely a neat little extra in Chaos Heroes Online.

Special Features of Chaos Heroes Online

  • Free-to-Play MOBA
  • Chaos Heroes Online is completely free-to-play and requires only one download and registration
  • Non-Stop Action
  • Fast-paced gameplay that rewards the most courageous of players
  • Freedom of Movement
  • By clearing obstacles, you get the chance to open new paths and ambush your enemies
  • Tons of Heroes
  • More than sixty playable heroes await you
  • Quest System
  • Unlock new heroes and other rewards by completing challenges during your matches

The Bottom Line

Chaos Heroes Online looks like your average MOBA on first sight but you will soon realize that it is actually quite different from anything you have played before. Its fast-paced encourages daring maneuvers and it rewards those who understand how to use the freedom of movement to their advantage. Some might argue that giving every player immediate access to several immunity and healing effects may be poor game design but for the sake of making the game as action packed as possible, we believe that it was a correct decision. In that, regard the game definitely keeps its promises and should be checked out by anyone who is interested in innovative MOBA titles.


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