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Bleach Online – Fancy Becoming a Guardian of the Galaxy?

Anime Browser MMORPG – Have you ever dreamed about becoming a guardian of the galaxy fighting for law and order? Well the free-to-play anime browser MMORPG Bleach Online has arrived and gives you the opportunity of a lifetime. Fight for what’s right in exciting battles against powerful foes and complete quests either alone or as part of a team. Interested in finding out more? Read on to find out what else you can expect.

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Game Description

Bleach might be a name you’ve heard before as the game is based on the original manga and anime series of the same name. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to be an expert to dive into this game as the developers have made it very easy for new-comers to the genre. However, if you are a fan of Bleach, then this is a perfect addition to the series and finally gives you a chance to control what happens. Regardless of which category you belong to, there are enough great features that make this game worth trying out.

45° View

The game has been developed with a birds-eye view of the action with a 45° angle. This means that you’ll have a good overview of everything that happens around you and avoids causing any unnecessary panic or confusion. It also won’t take you long to get used to the controls thanks to the point and click system. And just in case you do lose track of where you are, the game has an in-built path finder function to help you avoid spending an eternity trying to find your way back to places.

Become the Most Powerful Shinigami

The name of the game is to become the most powerful Shinigami. A Shinigami is an angel of death, whose task is to guide dead souls to the afterlife. The more souls you guide, the more powerful your weapons and your opponents become. You’ll also need to protect your homeland, the Seireitei, while you quest around the galaxy.

Put Together your Own Team

As your opponents get a little stronger, you might find that they are a bit too difficult to defeat on your own. But this doesn’t mean you should give up as you have the chance to put together a team. You can decide the tactics and team formation in the hope to ending up victorious on the battlefield. Just watch out that your team members are equipped well enough for the task at hand and that they’ve achieved a high enough level to send your opponents to their knees without any casualties.

Special Features

  • 45° View: The practical 45° view helps give you a great overview of the game action without causing any confusion
  • Become the Most Powerful Shinigami: Become one of the most powerful angels of death and collect as many of your opponents’ souls as possible to grow stronger
  • Put Together Your Own Team: Get help while completing quests and form your own team of small ninjas to support you in battle
  • Take Part in the Community: Get in contact with other players and exchange your thoughts on the game and the story that unfolds
  • Complete Quests: Complete exciting quests and earn rewards and experience
  • Arm Yourself: Arm yourself against powerful enemies or level your offensive skills to make it easier to defeat them


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play anime browser MMORPG Bleach Online is an exciting game that particularly impressed us with its amusing anime graphics. This game is an absolute must for fans of the series and the diverse storyline gives you enough individual decisions to make you feel like you alone are influencing the action. The controls are a little bit too simple but that doesn’t distract you from the game content. This amusing and exciting game is suitable for those looking for short and long-term fun and fans of the series will be particularly enthralled from the get go. What’s stopping you? Give it a go and try your hand at becoming a Shinigami!

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