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Black Gold Online – The Steampunk Fantasy Adventure in a class of its own

Steampunk MMORPG – Pay attention friends of well-developed action games: The free-to-play steampunk/fantasy MMORPG Black Gold Online will grab you by the scruff of the neck and not let go. Developed by Snail, the game features an intricate design, a large selection of characters and classes as well as a unique battle system. All of which we found particularly convincing. But will Black Gold Online become your new favourite game? Read on to find out…

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Game Description

If you’re looking for action, a fantastical world and unique characters, then you’ve picked the right game. The free-to-play steampunk/fantasy MMORPG Black Gold Online has, asides from the clash of genres between steampunk and classic fantasy, a diverse range of interesting features, which we want to go into more detail about.

Exciting Storyline

The once peaceful Montel has been torn apart by two different factions. They are the Kingdom of Isenhorst, who strive for industrialisation and power and the magical Erlandir, whose citizens want to maintain their empire and traditions. You need to decide between one of the two sides and enter into epic battles against the opposing players. Basically your choice decides between fantasy and steampunk and depending on your side, a range of different characters and equipment will be at your disposal.

Extensive Character Creation

In Black Gold Online, the creation of your character is really an event. You can choose between 12 different classes all with their own strengths, as well as an overwhelming affinity for magic. These include the Assassin, Pyromancer, Beastmaster, Occultist and the Spectromancer. Once you’ve picked a class, you then get to work on your appearance. It’s here where the game really shines as you have a full range of options to create a truly unique character. That means you can choose the hair colour and style and also change the complete look of your face and body to match your expectations.

Action-packed Battle System

Black Gold Online focuses particularly on the dynamic PvP battles. They are always fast-paced and are packed with epic battle animations. The best part is, however, that they can take place anywhere. There isn’t just one battle arena. If you want to fight, simply start one. The design of the game world Montel is especially impressive and detailed, not just because of the fully animated attacks. Every battle is an exciting audio-visual experience.

Mounts and Battle Vehicles

An especially great feature of Black Gold Online is that different battle mounts and war beasts are available, no matter whether you decided to fight for Isenhorst or Erlandir. These mounts are not only there to get you quickly from one point to the other but can also be used in battle. This means that you can experience battles from another perspective and can also use these mounts to your advantage as you engage. Every pet has their own strengths and are useful for different situations, exactly like the characters themselves.

Special Features

  • Fantastical Characters: Choose between 2 different factions with varying characters and classes, all equipped with their own special attributes
  • Individual Character Creation: Shape your character the way you want with an extensive range of tools and options
  • Exciting Storyline: Dive into the story of Montel and choose the side you want to fight for
  • Brilliant Graphics: No matter whether it’s the character models, environment or battle animations, these graphics will really bowl you over
  • Own a Mount: Choose an appropriate battle vehicle or warbeast and ride into battle
  • Gigantic World: Discover the giant and diverse world of Montel and wander through forests, caves or unique steampunk cities


The Bottom Line

Honestly, it’s been a long time since a game has won us over this much. The free-to-play steampunk/fantasy MMO Black Gold Online draws us in and does not let go. Its uniqueness, top-quality design and unbelievably epic battles make this a PvP MMO in a league of its own. The mixture of steampunk and fantasy round of this near-perfect game experience. A must for any fan of MMOs.

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