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Battlestar Galactica Online – From Successful Series to Intergalactic Browser Game

Space Browser Game – A gigantic battle has broken out and you’re stuck in the middle of it! In the free-to-play space browser game Battlestar Galactica Online you have to decide between two sides at war and dive straight into the conflict between Humanity and the Cylons. The game, developed by Bigpoint, has been entertaining millions of players around the world since 2011. But could Battlestar Galactica Online be the game for you? We tested it out …

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Game Description

If you’re a fan of the original TV series, then you’re definitely going to enjoy thefree-to-play space browser game Battlestar Galactica Online. You’ll not only get to see your old favourites again, but the exciting story and fleet of spaceships will be enough to get your heart racing. We have put together the most important features of the game for you below.

A Familiar Story

If you’ve already experienced the television series, then you’ll be familiar with the browser game variation of the war between the Cylons and Humanity. Only this time you can get stuck into the action yourself as soon as you’ve decided on a side to fight for. You’ll encounter familiar faces regardless of the side you choose. This means that you’ll get to meet Admiral Adama and Starbuck on the side of the Humans, as well as Number 6 and Sharon, the Number 8, on that of the Cylons. Since both sides have been stranded on the edge of the galaxy, the race to rebuild their fleets has been on with the goal of finishing off their opponent once and for all.

Countless Spaceships

Each side has their own special spaceships to choose from, which have been categorised in classes. These classes include fighters, escorts and lines. The human ships stand out for their edgy design and larger size and proportions, while the ships belonging to the Cylonsare rather curved and extravagant and remind you a bit of different animals. Your job is to create your own fleet and to equip it with weapons, armour, reactors and all the other great space-like features you can imagine. The more advanced your equipment is, the better your chances will be in the thick of battle.

The Battle Calls

Speaking of fighting, the battles represent the core of Battlestar Galactica Online’s gameplay. You’ll constantly be in the middle of pulsing PvP battles to prove who deserves complete control of the universe. This, of course, means that you’ll need to equip your fleet out well and think tactically to use your strengths to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses. But don’t worry because you’re not alone. You can join together with other players in a wing divisionand combine forces to have a higher chance of crushing your enemies. The whole game has been designed with top quality graphics that really make the battles look epic. In addition, you’ll also have access to daily new missions which have a real influence on how the game progresses.

Special Feature

  • Exciting Story – Choose between two sides and influence the game by completing missions
  • Original Characters – Encounter familiar faces and support them on your way through the galaxy
  • Epic Battles – Fight against a diverse range of spacecraft in action-packed battles against other players
  • Equip your Fleet – Expand your fleet and arm them with weapons, armour and reactors
  • Powerful Fleets – Join together with your friends and fight together in the field of battle


The Bottom Line

It won’t be hard to convince fans of the Battlestar Galactica TV series to try this game out. However, for those other players, there are definitely enough features here to keep you interested and for that reason, we can’t recommend the free-to-play space browser game Battlestar Galactica Online highly enough. A good background story, excellent graphics and exciting PvP battles make this game suitable for everyone. In the words of Admiral Adama himself: It was a pleasure to be able to serve with you, my friend!

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