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Astro Lords – Welcome to the Cloud

Sci-Fi MMO – Have you ever heard of the oord cloud? No? That’s nothing to be ashamed about since we are about to take you there on a trip to the outer regions of our solar system. With the recent release of Astro Lords, a free to play Sci-Fi MMO from Bisbog, you get the chance to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and claim one of the cloud’s asteroids as your new home. Check out our review, if you want to find out if it is worth taking a trip to the clouds.

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Game Concept

In Astro Lords, you are the commander of a remote asteroid somewhere in the oord cloud. Starting with nothing but your command center, you have to mine for minerals, research new technology and above all, invest in the improvement of your fleet. Sooner rather than later, you will realize that not only the universe, but also your enemies are infinite.

Real Time Space Combat:

One of the most appealing features of Astro Lords is its outstanding combat system. In most browser games you produce a given amount of units (in worst cases without any visual feedback), send them to attack someone or something and that’s about it. You either win or lose and there isn’t much you can do about it besides adding up some offensive or defensive values. In Astro Lords you are in full control. You get to control your spaceship, which can be fully customized in terms of weaponry, crew and passive buffs. By issuing commands on the battlefield you are able to navigate your ship through asteroid fields, dodge incoming missiles and lasers and are actually able to win engagements that you would have lost based on numbers.

Co-op means Co-op:

Playing with a friend becomes really fun when you are actually able to play with him. Just adding your buddy to some list of names where everyone on the list receives a little resource bonus, is not fun and for sure it is not co-op. Queuing up with your buddy for combat is different in Astro Lords. You can actually engage in huge team deathmatch battles and the more players who join, the funnier and more rewarding it gets. Fighting over a sector with your alliance against a rival group of players will definitely turn your screen into a laser show of cosmic proportions.

Appealing Tech and Visuals:

Any successful MMO should make sure that its players feel some sense of accomplishment when they progress through the game. In older MMO browser games and unfortunately even in some newer ones, most of the feedback you get is text based. Sure, you unlocked the new Gigablaster 5000 but what does it look like to fire? Everything you research, upgrade and unlock while playing Astro Lords results in a direct visual feedback. Structures start to look more advanced once you upgrade them and your new laser beam sure looks like it could pack a stronger punch than the tiny flashlight you were using before.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Sci-Fi MMO: Astro Lords is completely free to play. Once you registered you can start playing without any further download.
  • Real Time Space Combat: Take full control on the battlefield and win battles by outsmarting or outmaneuvering your enemies.
  • Full Co-op Combat: Team up with one or more friends and engage in battles of cosmic proportions.
  • Appealing Tech and Visuals: Receive direct visual feedback for almost all of your upgrades and unlock all the secret technologies in Astro Lords.


The Bottom Line

The oort cloud is definitely not a boring place. Astro Lords surprised us in many ways, especially in terms of its lively combat system that gives you the freedom and control to turn fights from a traditional numbers game into a matter of skill. Of course it still matters what kind of ship and weaponry you have but once you hop into the arena with multiple friends, the combat system starts to shine. All this is supported by the solid foundation of decent resource management, as well as appealing visuals and a meaningful tech tree. The game is definitely worth a try and thankfully you don’t have to travel to the oort cloud to play it.

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