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Archlord 2 – A New Edition of PvP Carnage

Fantasy MMORPG – A brand-new title on the MMORPG scene is before us with the arrival of the free-to-play fantasy title Archlord 2. The developers are wanting to impress us with its giant PvP battle fields for up to 400 players at one time. But does the game live up to its predecessor and is it worth giving it a go? We tested it out for you…

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Game Description

Archlord 2 transports you, much like its predecessor, to the medieval fantasy world of Chantra. It’s here where you’ll find, in true MMORPG fashion, an array of different factions locked in eternal conflict. You’ll start the game off in the middle of the action tasked with leading your chosen faction to victory. The ultimate goal is to be named Archlord, the one true ruler of the game world. We have put together the most important features that you can expect to experience within this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG.

Innovative Class System 

Although you start the game off needing to decide between two different factions (Azuni or Crunn), you won’t have to decide on a class. Instead, the game implements a system where your main weapon defines what your role will be. You’ll then have access to most skill points throughout the game to upgrade your weapon and unlock unique abilities. But this doesn’t mean that you’re limited to what you can do in battle, as you can swap your equipment in the space of a mouse click at any time. The abilities points are then allocated to the weapon that you have equipped at the time.

A Paradise for PvP Fans

The predecessor, Archlord 1, was famous for its completely comprehensive PvPprincle. Although Archlord 2 tones it down a little and no longer allows PvP in all areas, there is still more than enough PvP content to keep you happy. Open PvP without big restrictions is still possible in certain areas. If you’re wanting to test your strength against people from your own faction, then you can challenge them at any time to a duel. As soon as you’ve reached level 30, you can even take part in 5 vs 5 battles. The beating heart of this free-to-play fantasy game is built around the battlefields. From level 40 onwards, you are able to fight in giant battles between the Azuni and Crunn for honour and glory. We aren’t lying when we say giant by the way, as up to 400 players can be unleashed at the same time.

I want to be the Archlord

But why is the game called Archlord? Simple! The Archlord is the ruler of the game world and everyone, of course, wants to be in this position. The title is only available, however, to guild leaders and has to be earned. This is why the most successful guilds take part in the monthly event to siege the Archlord’s castle, Rensphere. Only the leader of the victorious guild will then be christened as the Archlordand this remains the case until he meets a sticky end, however, that might happen. The Archlord has exclusive access to a dragon mount, special equipment for his guild and the chance to conjure up natural phenomenon. Definitely worth all the trouble, isn’t it?

Special Features

  • Innovative Class System – Experience an interesting class system, which is characterised not by race but by your main weapon
  • Comprehensive Crafting System – Never stop improving your equipment thanks to the crafting system and alchemy
  • Massive PvP Features – Experience a game bursting with PvP fun, whether you’re looking for duels, fights or giant battlefields with 400 participants
  • Archlord – Become a successful leader of a guild and reach the ultimate goal of becoming Archlord and ruler of the entire game world


The Bottom Line

This free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is an absolute must for every PvP fan. Never before have we experienced such a large array of opportunities to test your worth against other players. In addition, Archlord 2 delivers an interesting twist on the class and weapon system which will keep you entertained away from the battlefield and while you’re leveling up. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into the PvP carnage!

 Pictures from Archlord 2


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