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Anno Online – Create your own Island Empire

Strategy Browser Game – Found a new civilisation and become the leader of your own world. The free-to-play strategy game Anno Online, the new browser version of the much loved Anno game series, certainly does not need to hide behind its predecessors. There’s a ton to discover and strategic thinking is still of upmost importance. Reckon that Anno Online could be a game for you? We have put it under the microscope so that you can make an informed decision…

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Game Description

Anno Online is one of those game, which is hard not to love. The free-to-play economic strategy game Anno Online is, of course, similar to its PC predecessors in its premise and objectives. However, there are noticeably a lot of new touches, in no small part thanks to the multiplayer mode. Read on to find out what Anno Online has to offer.

Never-ending Possibilities

Like in every other Anno game, the goal of Anno Online is to create an empire with a flourishing economy and countless inhabitants, who have been properly cared for. How you reach these objectives and which aspects of the game you focus on are completely up to you. Setting and collecting taxes should only be considered based on the needs of the population, which should increase gradually over the course of the game. At the beginning, your population will consist of farmers but as the game progresses this will change and you can even attract influential aristocrats, who want to establish themselves in an up-and-coming empire. You can even change the appearance of your city by moving buildings to create room for unlockable upgrades. This has the advantage of making the game exciting throughout, as there’ll always be things to change.

Build with Pride

A particularly importantly aspect of Anno Online is time management. Yes, in this game you need to have time and patience, as the construction of buildings, ships as well as ship voyages take a while. And by a while, we mean hours or days. The same goes for the ‘fog,’ or in other words, the part of the island which is hidden and can only be uncovered with particular tools and over a long period of time. But why shouldn’t that put you off? Simple. Every time you complete a task requiring a long period of time, the triumphant feeling is without comparison. No matter if it’s the anticipation you feel waiting for the completion of a trade ship or the uncovering of a hidden part of your island, Anno Online is a game, where you can be proud of what you have achieved and this is something to be appreciated.

Friendly Players

If you think that military campaigns in the Anno games are the most important objective, then you’re in for a shock. If you want to play this game well, then you need to think strategically and build up a flourishing trade empire without focusing on fighting over civilisations. And of course there are other civilisations, or rather, those of other players. Of course this game can be mainly played alone, especially when building up your own economy. However, it’s also possible in this browser game to form a guild and to create alliances. You are then able to visit your allies, view their cities and speed up their construction times by sending them appropriate materials. In addition, there is a helpful chat function where you can advise and help your allies, something that is viewed as particularly important in Anno Online, due to the large emphasis put on helping and assisting allies.

Special Features

  • Create an Empire: Plan the construction of your own civilisation and erect your own giant cities
  • Find Resources: Build ships, forge trade links and explore other islands to expand your empire
  • Found Guilds: Befriend, visit, help and support other players
  • Upgrade Buildings: Improve and replace buildings to change the face of your city
  • Care for your Population: Care for your inhabitants and create living space to welcome more people to your empire
  • Detailed Graphics: Enjoy an authentic and compelling game experience with top quality graphics, which leave nothing to the imagination


The Bottom Line

One thing needs to be cleared up: The free-to-play strategy game Anno Online is not a military game, nor is it fast-paced. The game, however, draws you in with its unlimited freedom, room to make your own decisions, the feeling you get having created something great and a friendly community where you’ll never have to worry about getting help. If you want to get the most out of Anno Online, you need to invest a lot of time and passion into the game, but you’ll be rewarded with an exciting world with countless things to see and explore. This game is definitely worth playing!

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