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Angel Alliance – Strategy Browser MMORPG with more than just angels!

Strategy MMORPG – The free to play Strategy MMORPG Angel Alliance is set in a world full of heroes, magic and angels. It is up to the player to use his strengths and free the kingdom of Etheria. But does the game really stand to its promise as a complex fantasy MMORPG? Read our review for more insights…

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Game concept of Angel Alliance

Angel Alliance is a free to play fantasy MMORPG which was developed and published by Kabam. Once registered players are dropped right into the action. You have to rescue Nocturna, one of the imprisoned angels and your first companion in your quest to free Etheria from the dark forces. With her divine support you make your way to the elven village, the first quest-hub in Angel Alliance. Once the initial briefing is done and you became familiar with the ongoing conflict between the forces of light and darkness, it is time for you to choose which class you want to play.

Choose your character and don’t forget the angel

Right now Angel Alliance provides three different classesWarrior, Mage and the newest addition, the Archer. So far there are no surprises since each class relies on specific attributes that you are maximizing while leveling up your character throughout a multitude of quests. Interesting is the addition of angels, powerful allies in battle that will fight side by side with your character.

Automated Combat System and high complexity

Combat in Angel Alliance is turn based but fully automated and yet the gameestablishes enough depth with its multiple customization options. Gems for socketing, enhancement of weapons and armor, mounts and additional party members make sure that there is always something to do. Especially in PvP scenarios you want to have decent setup. Angel Alliance provides all that with additional characters which can be hired at some point in the game. Rather sooner than later you will find yourself spending hours on the setup of combat formations, perfect socketing and gear enhancements. Furthermore Kabam did well in terms of connectivity. Daily dungeons and team battles in the local arena with your guild mates make it worthwhile to login and spend time in Angel Alliance.

Useful Minigames

Whereas most free to play titles are focused on a very specific type of gameplay, Angel Alliance is trying the split. You will be surprised what is waiting for you after you pass the initial stages of the game, but just in case you might be missing good old Farmville or Bejeweled, Angel Alliance will have your back. By unlocking several sorts of mini games you get the chance to earn a little extra or get the gem or upgrade that you were looking for. In the beginning it felt weird to tend the crops in your garden in such a combat focused setting but since Kabam managed to spice it up a little bit. Want an example? Have you ever been able to force other players to work on your fields after you defeated them?

Special Features of Angel Alliance

  • Free to play fantasy MMORPG: No download required, just register and start playing in your browser.
  • Full single player campaign: Even when your friends are not around to play, there is still the huge single player campaign waiting for you.
  • Celestial allies: Several unlockable angels, each one having different abilities, will fight by your side throughout the game.
  • High degree of character and party customization: Adjust your strategy to the task at hand and overcome and obstacle.
  • Worthwhile minigames: Earn a little extra and improve your character by completing various minigames in the world of Etheria.


The Bottom Line

Angel Alliance is definitely one of the better free to play titles out there and that is because it is actually more than a normal MMORPG. Somehow it manages to do the split between a classical MMORPG and several other genres and yet it provides enough complexity to accept its little flaws. With all its customization options, upgrades and neat extras it becomes that sort of game that you love to come back to every now and then – even if it is only to check if the players you defeated are still working on your farm.

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