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Alliance Warfare – Banging the Drum and Bass of War

Medieval MMORTS – We are glad that you’ve tuned in as in this review you are going to find out what drum and bass beats have to do with developing a successful free-to-play MMORTS. Alliance Warfare is the game that tries to do both and although it might initially sound somewhat crazy, this might just be the prototype for new and innovative approaches in terms of community management. Here is an in depth review of what this is all about.

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Game Concept

Alliance Warfare is a browser-based Free-to-Play medieval strategy browser game. As such, you are in charge of a small settlement in the outer reaches of an unknown kingdom. Being the responsible lord for your people, it is your job to find the means and resources needed to lead your city to prosperity and growth. But with great riches comes great responsibility. Rivals will have their eyes on your settlement and will even try to raid it. Therefore it is always wise to divert some of your resources into the development of a powerful army and forge alliances with other players, which in return will help you fend off potential invaders.

Building a City – Brick by Brick:

When you start playing Alliance Warfare, you are basically starting from scratch. You do have your capital building, but other than that there isn’t much going on in your settlement. The key to success is the growth of a strong economy able to provide the required supplies for a strong army. No matter if it’s the order of upgrades, the infrastructure or the amount of taxes your citizens have to pay – Alliance Warfare really lets you take full control. Even though it might seem all a bit overwhelming in the beginning, it’s a feature that you are definitely going to appreciate at a later point, since it helps you to maximize the output of your economy.

Progress through Scientific Discoveries:

Who would want to fight muskets and cannons with arrows? Not many we dare to say and it is the same in Alliance Warfare. The game offers a huge tech-tree that has several branches and each one represents a specific type of research to represent your way of playing the game. While some players prefer to specialize in the art of warfare, some others prefer to drive their economy by improving the output of their farms and mines. Ultimately though, you want to get as many upgrades as possible, since in the long run scientific discoveries will give you an edge over your opponents.

The Sound of War:

Aside from graphics and the usual gameplay features, Alliance Warfare offers something that we haven’t seen in any other MMO. With its own radio station broadcasting constantly, the developers have managed to create a level of connectivity between them and the community that hadn’t been achieved by any other game. We were amazed by how many questions from the global chat were answered by the current DJ inbetween songs and even though we’re still not sure how drum and bass music is related to the overall them of Alliance Warfare, it was definitely something that we will remember as a huge plus point for the game.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play MMORTS –Alliance Warfare does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins.
  • Building a City from Scratch – Plan and execute the construction of your city. Find the balance between the needs of your people and the needs of your treasury.
  • Progress through Science – Literally outsmart your enemies. Advanced technologies will bring prosperity and safety to your dwelling.
  • The Sound of War – With its own in game radio station, Alliance Warfare takes the term of connectivity and community management to a whole new level.


The Bottom Line

So how is drum and bass related to Alliance Warfare or the medieval setting of the game? We still have no idea, but at least we found out why you should check out this game. Even though the gameplay isn’t that different from comparable titles, Alliance Warfare has quite a few unique selling points up its sleeve. The city management is far from trivial and the more time you invest into its details, the more rewarding it becomes to fine-tune your economy. Same thing goes for the tech tree and some minor features, which we have left for you to discover. All in all it’s safe to say that Alliance Warfare is a decent Free-to-Play medieval MMORTS, which takes the term ‘community management’ to a whole new level.

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