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Alliance of Valiant Arms – Cold War 2.0!

Action Shooter – If you thought the Cold War was over, then you’re in for a big surprise. The free-to-play first person shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is the next top shooter from the studios of Aeria Games. But is A.V.A just as good as Aeria Games’ previous tour de force Wolf Team? We tested it out…

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Game Premise

The free-to-play action shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms is truly one of our guilty pleasures. It’s exactly what a shooter should be like, with its simple structure and quick fights. We’ve listed what else A.V.A has to offer in the following points:

The Background Story:

The free-to-play first person shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms transports you to an alternate universe, rewriting the history of the Cold War. In this universe, the war still rages on between the EU (European Union) and the Neo-Russian Federation (NRF). The latter consists of a number of states from the old Warsaw Pact, which have been suffering from the consequences of capitalism. You have the burden of choice at the start of each round, as you decide whether you want to fight for the EU or the NRF. The game system has been simply developed and reminded us a little of Counter Strike and the Counter-Terrorist / Terrorist selection process.

The Battle Classes:

Each faction has three sub-classes available to them. These consist of the Sniper, the Rifleman and the Pointman.

The Sniper is the classic sharpshooter. His strengths lie in killing enemies from afar with help from precision weapons. He has access to a wide range of sharp shooting equipment and his strengths focus on dealing damage with deadly accuracy. However, he really suffers in close-quarter combat.

The Pointman is an experienced scout. He prefers to use a range of different light machine guns as his primary weapon. The Pointman is very quick and mobile and therefore is best used as a scout. In contrast to the sharp shooter, he’s weak fighting from a distance.

The Rifleman is the rather unsubtle grenadier. His preferred primary weapons are heavy machine guns. In addition, he is well armoured and knows how to sensibly utilise grenades to his advantage. He’s not as good at close-quarter combat as the scout, nor at fighting from a distance as the sharpshooter, however the Rifleman is very adaptable and a good all-rounder. If played well, he’s able to win every duel.

Game Modes, Graphics & ESports

The free-to-play shooter A.V.A has a diverse range of additional features on offer, asides from the class selection. There are hundreds of different and modifiable weapons, more than 10 different game modes (including a crazy Zombie mode and of course, classics such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag), a wide range of multiplayer missions and very realistic and breath-taking gameplay thanks to the Unreal 3 graphics engine. Particularly noteworthy is the massive game community and the regular national and international ESport competitions, where players play for prize money.

Special Features

  • Different Classes: 3 different classes (Sniper, Rifleman, Pointman) each with their own specific characteristics and weapons
  • Plenty of Versatility: A huge weapons arsenal is on offer, with hundreds of realistic weapons and equipment
  • Super Graphics: Breath-taking and realistic HD graphics and authentic gameplay thanks to the Unreal 3 graphic engine
  • Diversity: More than 10 different and diverse game modes (Deathmatch, Escort, Capture the Flag, Zombie…)
  • Esports & Events: Take part in countless competitions and fight in the A.V.A World Championships for a chance to win thousands of euros in prize money

The Bottom Line

The free-to-play first person shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms really surprised us with its simple but diverse game style. Thanks to the basic and intuitive structure and menu options, you only need a couple of seconds before you are sent straight into the middle of the map and into heavy fire. The Unreal 3 graphic engine used in A.V.A has proven particularly convincing and helps provide realistic gameplay and detailed maps. But A.V.A is more than just a nice alternative to Counter Strike. On the contrary, thanks to the large range of different game modes and multiplayer missions, A.V.A is sure to be a lot of fun for fans of the first person shooter genre and has really set the bar high.

Picture of Alliance of Valiant Arms – Cold War 2.0!


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