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Albion Online – Discover the Adventurous World of Albion

Fantasy MMORPG – A brand new Fantasy MMORPG set in a mediaeval fantasy world is on its way and you can be one of the first few to support its development. The game, developed by Sandbox Interactive, stands out due to its high level of individual fulfilment options and its attention to detail. Even though Albion Online is still in its early Alpha stages, it already offers a wide range of features and has a large group of supporters and fans. Want to know more about Albion Online? Well, we have taken a closer look at the new MMO for you…

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Game Summary

The Fantasy-MMO Albion Online is currently in its Winter Alpha Event and it is still a while to go until the Closed Beta starts. However, it is already packed with quite a lot of interesting and promising features. Sandbox Interactive relies on freedom of choice for the players and tactically clever team play. Building, Crafting, Travelling, Fighting and (eventually) Winning together are all important components of the game play.

Crafting System

In Albion Online you will get a full sandbox experience while travelling through the giant, medieval world enriched with monsters and magic. You can travel on foot or on horseback and there are no limits for your character. Everything you need, including items and weapons, are crafted yourself. Resources can be found anywhere and you are able to basically learn to craft all kinds of things. You can even learn how to build your own home or other buildings or why not mighty weapons? If you have plenty of resources you can also trade your excess stock at the marketplaces. But keep in mind: Some resources are not easily found and you won´t be the only one wanting them.

Battle Options

There are three kinds of battle actions you can take part in. After starting the game and equipping your character, you will start conquering the world of Albion but watch out as there is danger everywhere. Not only will you fight against all kinds of monsters, like the Undead or the Disciples of Morgana, who drop all kinds of resources, you can also throw yourself into PvP fighting in the huge open world of Albion. Challenge the best players you can find and show them who the boss is. If you decide to team up with other players, you won’t just be fighting for gold and resources but also territory. Focus on teamplay and strategy to be victorious in the end.

Gameplay with no Classes

One of the main features of Albion Online is its lack of restrictions when it comes to classes. Since you can craft or buy any weapon you like, you choose your class by equipping your weapons and other gear. Doing so, you can change all of your items whenever you feel it’s necessary. Also, you can combine your equipment as you wish and put enchantments on them to increase their power. For each weapon, there are various active and passive spells and since the game is still in development, we are sure, there´s a lot more to come. But even now, with the game still in Alpha, you already have many ways to individualise your character and gameplay. When it comes to skills, you have access to a huge skill tree and you won’t have any limits here either. It´s also item-oriented, so whichever item you use, you´ll have new skilling options.

Buildings and Territory

The world of Albion is both exciting and dangerous at the same time, so what could be better than to have a nice place to come home to. In this game you can build your own home and then decorate it the way you like it. But the furniture you use is not only decoration. Instead it has direct influence on your character. Sleep in the bed to restore your energy or have a meal at the dining table to regain health. If you and your group have managed to claim a whole territory for yourself, you can choose from more than 50 different buildings to start developing your own little village. There are industrial buildings, where you can craft and repair items, as well as military ones to help you defend your area. It´s you as a group who decides how to use the space.

Special Features

  • Open-World: Travel through the huge medieval fantasy world of Albion, team up or fight with other players, find resources and challenge dangerous monsters
  • Crafting: Craft or build with whatever resources you can find, trade them at the marketplace and produce powerful weapons while expanding your knowledge and skills
  • Class Swap: Change your class whenever you want to by changing your equipment and combining different items
  • Epic Battles: Fight against monsters and other players all around the huge world of Albion. Keep in mind: If you team up with others, it will increase your chances of being victorious.
  • Your Home is your Castle: Build yourself a home and decorate it as you like it or occupy a whole territory and choose from over 50 buildings to flourish and defend your area
  • Cross-Platform: Play Albion Online on Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS or Android with one big Master server


The Bottom Line

Seeing as how the second Alpha Season for the Fantasy MMORPG Albion Online just started and the game won´t be released until 2016, there is definitely a lot more to come. Even now the game already has as many features as a lot of full versions of other games. The developers still have quite a few ideas to improve it even more. The prices for Founder Packs, that give you access to the Alpha and later Beta version of Albion Online, are pretty steep but then again you do get some nice special content and can start playing more than a year before the official release. Also the steep asking price helps the developers to make the game even better. If you can spare the money you should definitely go and check out the amazing world of Albion Online!

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