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Aion – The free-to-play World of Warcraft!

Fantasy Role-playing Game – Aion has been one of the most loved free-to-play MMORPG (Multiplayer Role-playing Games) on the market for a long time now. Besides its excellent gameplay, AION captivates you with its incredible graphics and continuous expansions. We decided to test out the new version Aion 4.0 for you, just as the brand-new patch went live.

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Game Premise

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG revolves around the god of the same name, Aion. This god created the world Atreia as well its citizens, the Asmodier and the Elyos. Besides these citizens, the Balaur were also created to defend the world. They, however, developed not as intended and began to rebel against the citizens, trying to kill or enslave them. Since then, the 3 factions have found themselves at war and have been fighting for control of the world of Atreia.

Factions, Classes, Heroes:

There are two playable factionsfor the player to choose from. These are the elven Asmodier and the human Elyos. After you have decided on one of the two factions, you can then choose a class. It’s important to know what kind of tasks you want your character to do later on in the game. There are 4 basic classes for both factions: the Scout, Mage, Priest and the Warrior. The 4 basic classes are then split into a further 2 sub-classes as the game progresses, like the Gladiator and Templer Warrior sub-classes. Every classes has, of course, its own special characteristics and skills, which can be levelled up as your character does.

Alliance system:

In order to be successful in Aion as a player or a group, you need to focus on the special skills of each class. This has a very important meaning in the middle of battle. In order to defeat powerful opponents, you need to join with other players in a group and go into battle together (raids). Successfully creating a well-rounded combination of different strengths and abilities often leads to a particularly effective group, succeeding in vanquishing epic and almighty bosses or mastering instances and dungeons.

Graphics and Storyline:

The Far Cry Engine has allowed the developers to create a very detailed game world from the ground up using the newest technology. Especially impressive is the affectionate use of the birds’ eye view by the developers or by round-trips in ‘Flight Mode’ during the game. Beside the aesthetically pleasing graphics, Aion also boasts other highlights. These consist of an affectionate story and quest line as well as the unique ‘Flight Mode.’ This is available to every character from level 10 onwards and can be levelled up as the game progresses. Other standard features like pets and mounts are, of course, also available in Aion. Besides the storyline there is also an extensive guild system (alliance), which makes it hard for you to leave your keyboard.

Non-Stop Expansion:

Aion is one of the few MMORPGs, which takes on board the wishes of its giant community as best as possible. For this reason there have already been a numerous number of big updates and expansions for Aion. After Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea, Aion 2.5: Empyrean Calling and Aion 3.0, the game is currently at expansion 4.0. Each expansion not only includes new instances, dungeons, quests and items, but also possible new classes, a weather system, a house construction system, new skills and graphic updates. As the game tries to stay current for its community, it also maintains a consistent level of fun providing a long playability factor.

Special Features

  • Wonderful: A detailed game world and high-definition graphics thanks to the modern Far Cry Graphic engine
  • Super Story: An addictive story mode coupled with exciting quests, dungeons, instances and raids
  • ‘Flight Mode’: From level 10 onwards, grow some wings and give yourself access to quick travel and unique images
  • Diversity: 2 mythical races as well as 4 different battle classes as well as 2 respective sub-classes each with unique skills
  • Action Gameplay: In Aion you can expect action-packed battles with giant instances, bosses and guild warfare
  • Continual Updates: Thanks to its comprehensive game support, Aion is continually providing new expansions, guaranteeing long-term enjoyment

The Bottom Line

If you are on the lookout for a very good and free-to-play MMORPG, then you have definitely found it in Aion. A wonderful game world with an extensive role-playing system will make the hearts of every player race. But be careful: The exciting quests and wonderful storyline are highly addictive. Whoever starts playing the game, won’t find it easy to stop. For this very reason, Aion proves itself to be a true alternative for fans of World of Warcraft.

Photo of Aion

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