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4Story – Fantasy MMORPG with Castle and Realm Battles!

Fantasy MMORPG – The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG 4Story has often been regarded as the free-to-play version of WoW. With countless features, 4Story has definitely a lot to offer, but are the comparisons with WoW justified? We tested it out for you…


Game Description

Your skills are tested to the max in the fight for Iberia. After you have decided your side (the Kingdoms of Derion, Valorian or Gor), you dive straight into the action-packed battles. This is an absolutely diverse fantasy MMORPG with lots of quests to be completed in the PvP territory of Iberia.

Six Different Classes:

As the subheading suggests, ‘Three Kingdoms & One Hero,’ you create your own hero choosing from a large pool of figures. Just like in other fantasy MMORPGs, each figure has different skills and abilities. You need to decide before the beginning of the game whether you want your character to become an Evocator, Archer, Warrior, Mage, Priest or Night Walker. For example, the Evocator can call up different creatures to send into battle, while the Night Walker is an expert of disguise and attacks his opponent from behind.  

Fight with everything you have:

In order to gain control of Iberia, you will need to test your strength in PvP or against monsters. The final battles take place in a separate realm, where your quests from both kingdoms are completed. Other players have the power to challenge you to duels or fight you spontaneously in open PvP. The different kingdoms have daily chances to take control of areas in PvP events. Guilds are then able to collect points which make it more likely for them to be able to take part in castle raids. In addition, monthly large-scale tournaments give the best players the chance to win extra weapons. Finally, one special feature is the inclusion of 3vs3 and 7vs7 battles.

Battle Companions:

It’s a lot more fun to play the game with a trusty companion by your side. You are able to have one pet active from a choice of a possible five fighting alongside you against dragons or helping to collect specific items. Monster accessories can be used to upgrade the skills of the companions.

Special Features

  • Individual Characters: Choose from one of 6 classes (Evocator, Warrior, Night Walker etc.) and forge your own path in Iberia
  • Comfortable Learning Curve: Through small quests at the beginning, you are able to familiarise yourself with the world and the features of 4story
  • Trusty Companions: Countless skilful companions are available to stand by your side on your way to peace in Iberia
  • Diverse Battles: Enter into diverse battle situations in order to prove yourself as the strongest, coming closer and closer to complete control of the realm.
  • Realms and Castles: Fight together with your guild in PvP events for realms and castles and to influence the political situation within the game


The Bottom Line

The recognisable interface, seen in WoW and other MMORPGsmakes your first steps in the game very easy. Everyone is supported through a multitude of small quests, which act as a type of tutorial. As you progress within the game, 4story picks up the tempo and provides a huge amount of long-term playability thanks to regular guild events. 4story is definitely a great alternative to WoW due to its many successful features and has nothing to fear from its competition within the free-to-play MMORPG market.

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