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Fear Online – Fight your Fear

Download Shooter – More than three years have passed since the release of Fear 3 and since then things have been pretty quiet, but Alma Wade has finally returned and this time around things are different. Publisher Aeria Games went all out and transformed a game that was formerly relying on a bone chilling single player campaign, into a massive free to play multiplayer setting. How has that worked out? You are about to find out.

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Game concept

Depending on the played game mode, you either team up with several other players to take on the horrors unleashed by the psionic powers of Alma Wade or you fight other players in a traditional shooter rule set on the vast battlegrounds in the former city of Fairport.

Work Together or Die Alone:

Fear Online has several game modes for you to play. One of the most popular is the scenario mode, as this mode is the closest in feeling to the original and makes you feel like you’re back playing the first Fear game back in 2005. In a scenario setting, you team up with three others players, trying to survive an onslaught of hostile soldiers and unimaginable horrors that are lurking in the shadows. Spiced up with scripted cut scenes, jump-scares and several other little extras, these scenarios, each one consisting of four chapters, really do feel like a refreshing mix between Left 4 Dead and Fear.

A PvP Slugfest:

Now this is where Fear Online really enters new territory. By adding several PvP focused game modes like classic Deathmatch, Demolition and Knife Fight, Fear Online aims for a fast paced FPS slugfest. If you ignore the fact that Fear was initially a single player horror game, you might actually like this new approach. The controls are crisp, the weaponry stays true to the original and the level design seems balanced and well rounded. It is also noteworthy that some features like the fast swap of equipped weapons and the addition of a passive skillset, called “Psionics”, make sure that you are always well prepared for an unexpected turn of events.

Craft and Customization:

By playing the aforementioned scenarios or PvP battles, you will eventually be rewarded. Based on your performance, you either earn in game credits or receive specific weapon components and blueprints that can be used to further improve a weapon or craft a completely new piece of gear. Furthermore there are the already mentioned “Psionics”, special powers that you can imprint onto your character giving him a personalized set of buffs on the battleground. Increased movement speed, resistances against grenade damage – you name it. Combine these two features and you can rest assured that you will come up with a setup that enhances your gameplay experience by a lot.

Special Features

  • Free to play MMOFPS
  • Fear Online is completely free-to-play – Just download the game and you are ready to fight your fear.
  • Co-op Action in the Popular Scenario Mode
  • When facing the horrors within the scenario mode, teamwork will be your only chance of survival.
  • Fast Paced PvP Combat
  • Experience Fear like never before and engage in the brand new PvP modes.
  • Craft and Customisation
  • Personalized your load out and your character to have an edge on the battlefield.


The Bottom Line

If you expected a classic Fear title, then Fear Online might disappoint you. But if you like the idea of combining one of the most successful horror games of recent years with some decent FPS elements, then Fear Online could be the game you have been looking for. No matter if you prefer the scenario mode or Player versus Player combat, the gameplay is solid throughout. The gun handling, the level design and the well-designed crafting and psionic power systems are strong reasons to try out a game that makes you want to fight your fear.

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